Multi-cuisine restaurant chain owner got a Ford Everest 4×4 as a gift from his LSM addict sister


Inna Amudee is a proud fourth-generation owner of a nail polish and lipstick company which was founded by her great-great grandmother.

Inna’s husband – George is a multi-cuisine restaurant chain owner. He is a trained chef himself. George regularly uploads videos on the Youtube to increase his restaurant’s popularity. His channel is not yet monetized and he doesn’t plan to monetize it anytime soon.

George has been teaching his one and only pet Panda to speak Thai language. George claims that the Panda has been learning faster than he ever expected and soon enough, he will start uploading videos of his Panda talking in Thai language on the Youtube and those videos will not be monetized either.

George’s one and only sister – Tina has been addicted to betting on LSM for quite a while now and she recently gifted George a brand new Ford Everest 4×4 with the money she won within a span of 8 months betting on LSM99.

George lived in India for over 14 months and there he studied the behavior of the different wild animals found there, very closely. George claims that he was really fascinated by the Indian Jackals. George studied the Indian Jackals for the most time and he noticed and observed that an average Indian Jackal is far more cunning and clever than an average Fox. George claims that the cunning and cleverness of Fox is more mythical than real.

George has been obsessed with the Instagram Direct for quite a while and he had no idea that the Instagram Direct Deleted Messages could be recovered with just one click using an app.

George has been working on creating a foolproof instrument to keep the home invaders away. George says that this instrument will be available in Southeast Asia and Africa only as the home invasion is the problem of these 2 regions mostly. George says that he is not willing to waste his time to attract the buyers of the Europe, Central Asia, Australia and America. One of George’s cousins tried promoting one of his products in these markets but they don’t trust Thai products in these parts of the world.

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