Generous, brilliant, fat and sometimes weird guy donates all the money he wins betting on Klasemen Liga 1 to Catholic causes


Godfrey Felix is a huge, fat, fun and sometimes weird guy who claims that some creatures belonging to other planets have already been living on the planet earth for a while. Godfrey says that the only issue is that they cannot be seen with naked eyes but their presence can be felt. Godfrey claims that these creatures have been trying their best to destroy the human beings, humanity and other nice things about the earth. Godfrey sometimes doubts that these creatures are agents of the Iblees. Godfrey claims that he sometimes gets too annoyed by the presence of these alien creatures and he is a lot more vulnerable to feeling their presence because he is an empath.

Godfrey is definitely weird but that doesn’t mean that he is not brilliant. Godfrey started his professional career as a computer operator but today he owns a successful factory that manufactures Industrial Ribbon Blenders, Conical Blenders, Double Cone Blenders, Octagonal Blenders, Jacketed Blenders and Ball Mills.

Godfrey doesn’t understand Hindi or Punjabi language but listens to Indian music composer – Bally Sagoo’s music all the time. His most favorite track of all time by Bally Sagoo is ‘Noorie’, which he listens to almost 50% of the time he is in his Cadillac Escalade.

Godfrey is so fun-loving and generous. One example of his generosity is that he plays movies on his fat abdomen through projector to make his little nieces, nephews and their friends laugh. He has also done the same with the neighborhood kids a couple of times as well.

Another example of Godfrey’s generosity is that he donates all the money that he wins betting on Klasemen Liga 1 to Catholic Youtube channels like WCBOhio.

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