This Senior Pricing Manager at a Major Retail Chain doesn’t have much hope for the e-commerce’s future but he sees great possibilities in the future of e-casinos


Leo Hartley is a Senior Pricing Manager at a major clothing retail store chain that is popular for giving 60% discount to the couples on the Valentine’s day. Leo always has funny tales to tell about his experience at the store on the Valentine’s Day on his blog including how once a brother and sister were acting as lovers at their store on Valentine’s Day only to get caught later.

Leo agrees that the e-commerce industry is growing faster than almost any other industry but the declining profit margins makes him think that the industry will not be able to survive for long. Leo claims that he knows about a secret group of young man that is working on building the greatest ever e-commerce in the little nation called Brunei.

Leo also says that soon enough, e-commerce will require more investment than retail business and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if that happens before the year 2024.

Leo recently wrote about a non-profit organization involved in teaching Indian farmers about how they can enter the e-commerce industry.

Leo loves reading books on the subject of astrochemistry and more than the knowledge, these books provide him with motivation and the spirit to keep on.

Leo says that he observes different things at different places all the time and one of those is that the high-profile personalities don’t ask any questions at the parties but they keep on answering the questions of the other guests all the time.

Leo has been making 50 US Dollars a day with a model test paper website that he founded for fun back in the late 2007.

Leo is also lucky enough to make money with betting online here and there, he recently made 1500 USD within one night betting on a Malay gambling website that goes by the name scr888.

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