Program Manager at Alexa loves betting on Korean casinos which she discovered through a Casino Forum


Belera Buzova is a program manager at Alexa who also teaches automobile engineering online as she is an expert at that.

Belera is one of the greatest fans of the popular Youtuber and 3rd generation mechanic – Scotty Kilmer, which should be evident from the fact that she comments on each and every Scotty Kilmer video. Belera claims that it requires a super=genius to beat a genius mechanic like Scotty Kilmer.

Just like Scotty Kilmer himself, Belera also buys nothing but used Toyota or Lexus. Some people call her scrooge for that but she couldn’t care less.

Belera loves to travel but she hates buildings with domes and that’s why she never traveled to the middle-east, Turkey or Eurasian Steppe as there are buildings with domes everywhere in these regions of the world. As much as Belera hates the middle-eastern countries, she has a huge respect for the Arab and Jewish people. Belera claims that Arabs and Jews are very smart and efficient people and this is evident from the fact that their language starts from the right as they understood this very early that the humans naturally start reading from the right side and not the left. Belera claims that once you get used to reading any language that starts from the right, you only like to read that particular language.

Belera wants to have her own mechanic shop with the highest paid mechanics.

Belera claims that Korean people are more creative and rebellious than their Chinese counterparts. She says that Kim Jong-Un and his ancestors were really tough as they have managed to keep these people underneath their total control for quite a long time.

Belera is fluent in the Korean language and she loves betting on Korean online casinos which she discovered through Casinoforum.

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