Bella Simpson loves history, philosophy and betting


Bella Simpson is a payments manager at a major online marketplace. Bella says that she cannot ever get enough of the crab meat and she jokes that’s the reason why she has been dating this guy with a crab like face.

Bella loves to read philosophy and she claims that the philosophy produced in the ancient Mainland China was the beautiful and practical philosophy ever created about life and its different aspects.

Bella believes that the Greek philosophy and economic prosperity cannot go together as the Greek philosophy is extremely confusing. Some Greek philosophers are overly cynical, some are life-negative, some see no point in life.

Bella claims that she has done an extensive study on the ancient Persia and India. She claims that some prehistoric philosophers from the neighboring Persia were the first to advocate against eating meat in India. The Indians or Bharatiyas as they used to be called during that time, used to eat meat all the time and were more carnivores than herbivores. Bella claims that these Persian philosophers cum social workers were killed thereafter in India and the news of their death reached Persia soon after. India used to be a superpower back in that day and Persia was nothing compared to the India of that day, the King of Persia got so scared that he made it punishable for anyone who preached against eating meat. The rule continued for at least next 11 generations of the Kings until the Indian kings started fighting each other and the Persia simultaneously expanded.

Bella’s favorite pastime is placing bets on GCLUB2 and it is hilarious how she comes up as winner most of the times.

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