Indian heiress loves to expose conspiracy theories, her body and betting on online gambling websites


Prerna Bhonsle is a wealthy businesswoman from India who recently inherited a factory from her father that is involved in manufacturing water tanks.

Prerna is very much against the growing nationalism in India which Prerna believes has no basis and is against the very thing that ‘Bharat’ stands for. Prerna is very much against the concept of religion and countries. Prerna believes that all the countries across the world are just one nation. Prerna says that she has been working to create an organization that will fight against the concept of countries and demand to make the planet earth – one nation.

Prerna claims that the convicted terrorist Sadhvi Pragya fighting the Indian general elections is a voluntary step by the government of India, the party in power – BJP and the Illuminati to raise up the flames of the growing saffron terrorism.

Prerna claims that the Indian general elections of the year 2019 are fixed and the Illuminati wants the opponent of Sadhvi Pragya – Digvijay Singh to lose where on the other hand it wants Sadhvi Pragya to win. Prerna claims that this fight will serve number of purposes to the Illuminati, the real power that controls India and most of the world. Prerna claims that Sadhvi Pragya Thakur winning the elections will bring about a new sort of enthusiasm against the Right-Wing Hindus and encourage them to commit violent terror activities in the near future and on the other hand, they will have their revenge on Digvijay Singh for exposing the alliance between the largest Indian Right-Wing Organization – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Illuminati. Digvijay Singh in the past has inaugurated several books that claimed Mumbai’s infamous 26/11 terror attacks were an inside job that took place on the orders of the Illuminati.

When Prerna is not busy working, volunteering or exposing conspiracies, she can be found betting on Bexbet.

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