Non-Profit Organization founder enjoys a good old bet now and then


Bessie Joplin used to be a Community Coordinator at a major Non-Profit Organization until she founded a Non-Profit Organization of her own.

Being involved in the welfare of the people, Bessie is very much interested in the past, present and future of the backward countries. Bessie claims that the African country – Eritrea will be divided into two parts in the near future – Christian Eritrea and Muslim Eritrea. Bessie believes that there will be so much violence and riots between the Christian and Muslim community of Eritrea which will result in so much hatred that no Christian will be allowed to live in the Muslim Eritrea and no Muslim will be allowed to live in the Christian Eritrea, no matter what.

Bessie herself lived in Eritrea for a while where she fell in love with the Eritrean coffee. Bessie believes that Eritrean coffee is highly underrated because of several reasons, one being that it comes from a poor country and that poor country is located in a remote location of the African continent.

Bessie knows some fraud non-profit organization owners that take away all the money for their personal use. Bessie claims that one non-profit organization founder that she knows is so rich that he drinks nothing but milk imported from Denmark.

Bessie is a daughter of a columnist and she is not ashamed to admit the fact that her father is the most boring person that she has ever met. He never fails to bore his kids with useless and purposeless historical stories and stuff but Bessie and his other kids love him nonetheless.

Bessie runs a non-profit organization but that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten to enjoy her life. Bessie enjoys a good online bet now and then through a trusted gambling agent (Agen Judi Bola)

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