She rants all the time against gardening but loves betting


Joselyne Tanner used to work as a gardener which she really hated. Joselyne says that anybody who ever tells you that gardening is fun has either never tried the same or is very new to it.

Joselyne asks that why if gardening is so much fun then several tech companies have been trying their best to make it fully automatic and robot-friendly. Joselyne claims that over 200 different companies have been trying their best to invent perfect lawn robots which will cost a lot of money to the consumer.

Joselyne claims that being around Dandelion plants gives her nausea. She also says that she cannot understand why some people find Stinging Nettle beautiful, Joselyne even doubts that they perhaps pretend that they do.

Joselyne says that if you want your house to look ugly, plant some eastern trees in it.

Joselyne believes that black magic can make plants and trees grow faster. Joselyne’s husband agrees with it but he believes that the plants that grow up with the help of black magic attract ghosts and negative energies which in turn bring about bad luck and destruction.

Joselyne claims to have met a black magic expert in Bengal, India who told her that any house, office or building that has Fall-Planted Bulbs around cannot be touched with black magic and many times even harms the magician.

The only plants that Joselyne loves are the ones that resemble neon colors. She even has those outside her house, all placed next to the opposite color of their own, giving a contrasting shade which really looks stunning. Many of these plants were bought by Joselyne after she won bets with Truvabet.

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