Auto Blogger has been running away from the mirror but closer to the Bingo sites


Sasha Ferraro is an auto blogger with a passion for online betting. Along with the list of all the cars ever manufactured on the globe, Sasha has a list of bingo sites that accept PayPal.

Sasha used to see herself in the mirror all the time when she was a young stunner but now when she is old but still decent looking she runs away the moment she sees a mirror near to herself, such is the power of youth and the curse of old age.

Sasha claims that Nissan cars are still as reliable as they used to be when the company was called Datsun, it is a conspiracy against the brand by the other manufacturers combined to take the brand down. Sasha claims that many of her friends that own Nissan cars have reported that the newer Nissans are even more reliable than their older counterparts and they are not able to comprehend why there is so much negative talk against the brand everywhere – from TopGear to Scotty Kilmer to Mat Watson, everybody is talking agains the Nissan. Unfortunately, Sasha’s most friends do not read her blog and they don’t listen to Sasha when it comes to cars which is a shame.

Sasha has also been involved in trolling the paid Volvo trolls everywhere. Sasha claims that the Volvo’s quality never went down as bad as in the present moment and as she was tired of seeing abusive negative comments against her whenever she wrote something negative against the modern Volvo cars, Sasha decided to roll the dice and she went all out to troll the trolls instead. Now all the paid Volvo trolls run away the moment they see Sasha online.

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