Sr Consultant at Tech Firm is obsessed with peace among all nations and Togel Hongkong


Linda Copis is a Presales Senior Consultant at a Tech Firm with a passion for automobiles and blogging. Linda has some really interesting ideas to share about almost everything. Linda claims that highly spiritual people are not loners by nature but they are not likely to make friends with people inferior or incompatible with them spiritually and that’s the reason why they mostly hang around alone.

Linda claims that the presidential elections of Russia in the year 2000 were completely rigged. Linda says that Vladimir Putin was hated a lot in the year 2000 by the Russians and she has several points to prove it.

Linda has done an extensive research on the rising tension between the countries of the Indian subcontinent and Linda claims that the root cause of this tension is the belief of the Pakistan army that Ghazwa-e-Hind will really take place and the only victors will be the Muslims. Linda says that many of the Muftis and Molvis that have a reputation claim that there is no such thing mentioned as Ghazwa-e-Hind in any of the Hadiths and it is a western propaganda to create tension and sometimes wars in the 2 nuclear powers of the subcontinent in order to keep them weak and sell them their ridiculously expensive weapons.

Linda believes that the tension between India and Pakistan will only rise if the people of the 2 nations keep believing in their biased and conflicting religions. Linda says that she is hopeful that the upcoming generations of both the countries will be smart, knowledgeable, sensible and educated enough to raise a finger on their own armies, governments and the concept of Ghazwa-e-Hind and hatred between the people belonging to the two religions.

Linda claims that the best ideas arise in her mind when she is sipping her favorite mocktail while betting on her favorite data togel hongkong.

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