Leading English office furniture manufacturer claims she can predict her win or lose after she eats Cherimoya


Dee Obrempong is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in England.

Dee loves the Cherimoya fruit more than almost anything, even more than her favorite FUN88 and FUN88 Alternatif. Dee claims that Cherimoya fruit gives her intuitive capabilities on the weekends and sometimes even on the days when she is not working.

Dee brags about her sexual relations with the Bollywood actor Salman Khan while he was there in England. She claims that Salman Khan suffers from seizures and to reduce the frequency of the same, he is on that keto diet and that’s the reason why he looks much younger than his age.

Dee has traveled a lot in the 33 years of her life. She says that no matter how many hotels come and go, the Hotel Rossiya Moscow will never lose its charm and magnificence followed by the Hotel Habana Riviera by Meyer Lansky.

About African continent, Dee says that the tallest land animal – Giraffe, the largest land animal – Elephant and the fastest land animal – Cheetah, all are found in the African continent and that speaks a lot about its magnificence.

Dee has studied a lot about the Indian politics and she claims that Anna Hazare is an Illuminati puppet who received 100 crore Indian Rupee for all the Jantar Mantar Drama that he created which was captured by the Indian media around the clock those days. Indian media turned an illiterate nincompoop Anna Hazare into a hero and the great Indian takeover by the Illuminati with face of Narendra Modi aka Chaiwala was done. Dee believes that India is run by the USA and its allies since the day Narendra Modi took the oath of Prime Minister of India.

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