San Jose tyre shop owner and aspiring inventor bought a brand new Infiniti Q50 with Lottery bucks


Bailey Odes is a student of phrenology who claims that people with slanted and sharp nose are very cunning and constitute a large number of sociopaths and psychopaths. Bailey has nothing to back her claim up other than the proven pseudoscience called phrenology.

Bailey owns a tyre shop on the San Pedro Street of San Jose. Owning and managing a tyre shop is something very unusual for a woman in the United States and that’s what makes most people wrongly believe that Bailey inherited the shop from her parents, grandparents or husband but in reality Bailey is extremely passionate about tyres which should be quite evident from the fact that she has been working on inventing steel, copper and rubber mixed tyres that will provide the grip and driveability like a rubber tyre but won’t puncture.

Bailey has always believed that the car manufacturers under-focus on the development and innovation of new tyre technology and over-focus on gimmicks, exterior styling and interior design. Bailey blames a lot of gimmick focusing on the part of Hyundai and KIA. Bailey says that she remembers how cars were all about fun and utility back before Hyundai stepped into manufacturing cars. Bailey wishes that the Ford never helped Hyundai in making their first car.

Bailey claims that it is a paid propaganda by the silica industry giants that silica hardens a tyre and reduces its friction and hence more grip. Bailey claims that tyres with silica are the same as regular rubber tyres when it comes to braking. Bailey says that it is a false myth that the silica tyres are better for braking.

Last week, Bailey won a Daily 4 CA Lottery and the money was enough for her to buy herself a brand new Infiniti Q50.

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