Emira multiples what she manages, she manages to multiply, she is busy betting whenever she is high


Emira Hong started her professional career as a sales account manager at a major retail chain. While still working at her first job, Emira created a travel booking adviser blog of her own which ran on affiliate commissions and it did so well that it gave the confidence to Emira to create her own cab service app. Emira’s cab service app did so well again that it gave Emira the confidence to buy a fleet of her own taxis and provide airport cab service within her own city. Emira’s cabs currently include sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs. Emira says that she is not stopping here and now plans to have cabs nationwide.

Emira is a sort of a conspiracy theorist and she uses her conspiracy theories to popularize her cab company. Emira owns and runs a couple of political conspiracy blogs which receive thousands of unique visitors everyday.

Emira claims that paid trolls are after Justin Trudeau just because he is not an Illuminati puppet and the Illuminati is all set to take control of the Canada which they believe that they can have only if they can get Justin Trudeau out of their way.

After Emira made this post, she received thousands of negative comments which including threats, verbal abuse and more.

Emira accuses the wife of the professional wrestler – Eddie Guerrero for his heart attack. Emira claims that Eddie was given overdose of a drug by Vickie so that she could continue her relationship with Kris Benson. Emira claims that Kris Benson and Vickie were regularly having sex and traveling around the world together since the year 2005 and they deliberately delayed their marriage to 2015 so that nobody doubts either of them.

When Emira is not creating apps, buying cabs or making a roadmap to expansion, she is busy betting on s128 which she loves and often wins thousands of dollars with.

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