Economics scholar and industrialist loves cars and gambling


Debra Rizzo is a PhD in Economics who is responsible for writing several textbooks for high school students – both junior and senior high school students.

Along with being an academic, Debra is an industrialist as well who started out with manufacturing plastic soap cases but now manufactures water bottles, gift items, flower pots, bathroom sets, dinner sets, you name it.

Debra claims that the customer acquisition cost has broken all records in the past 4 years.

Debra is an automobile enthusiast as well who claims that the Indian Volkswagen and Skoda’s CEOs are on the payroll of the competitors and same is the case with the Nissan and Renault India. Debra says that the chiefs of these companies have been making blunders upon blunders deliberately.

Debra says that the car industry has come way too far in India. She remembers that back until the financial year 2010, there used to be only one vehicle with a V8 engine in India and that used to be a Volvo XC90 but now there are several of those.

Debra says that in India, road presence of a car is far more important than its design.

Debra says that all those that care about the badge of a car definitely do not deserve to be called enthusiasts. Debra says that a real enthusiast is one who chooses his/her car with heart and heart doesn’t care about a car’s badge.

Debra says that the sports cars don’t make any sense for the bad Indian or Pakistani roads but the Porsche SUVs definitely do.

Debra lived in Indonesia for a few years as well where she got addicted to gamble on credit (judi pakai pulsa).

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