Hyperglot self-proclaimed auto interior specialist cannot compliment Liga bola and Mercedes SL-Class 4th gen enough


Ian Rossi calls himself an automotive interior specialist as the one and only company that he owns has been involved in manufacturing, selling and exporting car genuine leather seat covers, car art leather seat covers, wood finish steering wheel, customized car interiors, leather wrapped steering wheel and bus seat cover & upholstery.

It took Ian over a dozen businesses to finally find a successful one

Ian is a hyperglot and he owns several forums and blogs in over 10 different languages. Ian’s two most favorite topics have always been automobile and gambling. Ian never gets tired of complimenting his favorite liga bola website (situs liga bola) and he always has tons of comments to make about the auto industry – its past, present and future.

Ian likes to make fun of the Mitsubishi by saying that the Mitsubishi makes cars and SUVs s poor but with greatly comfortable seats inside those. Ian says that the Mitsubishi should rather focus on becoming a furniture maker than an auto maker. Ian used to love Mitsubishi until the early 2000s but for over past one decade, he has been one of the greatest critique of the Mitsubishi cars and SUVs.

Ian believes that some off-roaders are not as good on-roaders. He likes to give example of the Suzuki Jimny to prove his claim.

Ian claims that Mercedes SL-Class fourth generation was one of the best Mercedes ever and it is a pity that some people don’t understand the value of the same. Ian owns two SL-Class fourth generation and he says that he is never going to sell either of these.

Ian says that if you see someone driving a good old Mercedes CLK class then know that the person is a rookie when it comes to the cars. Ian says that none of the Mercedes CLK class has ever been worth it.

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