Retail chain owner claims Clubfaust instead of black magic is the secret of many millionaires


Arie Iversen owns a retail chain that sells tyres, wheels and batteries all over Denmark and Sweden.

Arie hates his parents for giving him a unisex name. Arie asks what the parents are generally thinking when they keep a unisex name for their little one? Arie claims that most kids with unisex names including himself go through a lot in the school, college and the rest of their lives because of their unisex name.

Arie has been debunking magic myths publicly for the past 3 years now. Arie claims that his uncle used to be in the army where he and his friends tried to destroy the enemy troops while sitting in their camps after they learnt black magic from a so-called credible school. Arie claims that they never succeeded in killing a single enemy like that.

Arie likes to give example of one of his cousins as well. Arie claims that this male cousin of his destroyed his pheromones for the next 4 months after performing magical mental maneuver suggested by a magician friend. Arie says that normally women stare at him everywhere he goes but they all ignored him including the well-familiar ones for the next 4 months after he performed those magic maneuvers.

Arie claims that he knows several people who wrongly claim and pretend that they manifested millions of dollars with the help of black magic whereas in reality they won the same with Clubfaust.

Arie claims that he has the secret information that the rapper Birdman has invested tens of millions of dollars in one of the largest US toy making companies but he is not willing to disclose about the same at any cost in order to save his badass image.

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