Gun Sahin seems to spend as much time playing Baccarat as she does managing her one and only business


Gun Sahin manufactures and exports mobile audio products from Lampang, Thailand to all over the world. Gun’s company is currently working on creating motorcycles for hamsters that will be both safe and feasible. Gun says that the motorcycle will not only make the life of the hamsters and their owners in Thailand and all across the world easier and more fun but will also increase the sales of the hamsters and other related pets like gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. Gun says that they are all ready for the competition that their company is going to receive from the companies that are going to copy their product.

Gun has a blog dedicated to the mobile audio products and automobiles on the official website of her business. Gun is notorious for making controversial posts on her blog like she claims that lots of people take the thud sound that they hear while closing the door of their car to be the only safety measure which can prove to be quite fatal sometimes as they overlook features like airbags, ABS and others in that case many times.

Gun says that it is funny how Suzuki cars has been thriving due to the Indian market but still take the same for granted. Gun claims that if Suzuki didn’t have even lazier competitors than itself like Kawasaki, Yamaha that do not even care about the car industry, it would have disappeared long ago. Gun says forget about Yamaha and Kawasaki, even Toyota and Honda would have made Suzuki disappear from the car scene if they didn’t get lazy after receiving such great sales from all over the world due to their over-exaggerated reliability and durability myth.

I have talked to Gun personally several times and each time she is busy playing some online Baccarat (บาคาร่า) which she seems to love more than anybody else I ever met or talked to.

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