Motel owner and GTA lover bought brand new alloy wheels for his Honda City with this one ‘Step’


Aat Amudee owns a small motel in the Rangong town in Thailand. Aat says that his ultimate aim is to create the largest motel chain ever seen. Aat believes that staying at a Motel is a far more fun experience than staying at a big hotel and that’s the reason why his dream is to have the largest motel chain not the largest hotel chain.

Aat is a great auto enthusiast and the official blog of his motel has more automobile related posts than they are accommodation related. Aat believes that power windows are too outdated and boring; we need a revolution in the windows of the cars. Aat says that he is finding something innovative himself to take place of the windows in the cars.

Aat also believes that we need something in between the motorcycle and cars. Aat says that Quadricycle is a flop show and somebody needs to create a cheaper version of the LIT Motors C1. Aat believes that they can sell hundreds of millions of LIT Motors C1 if they compromise a bit on the price and the quality. Aat believes that something like LIT Motors C1 shouldn’t cost more than 3000 USD per unit to the consumer.

Aat loves Grand Theft Auto and most of all – GTA Liberty City and Liberty City Stories but he is disappointed about seeing no Honda NSX in either. Aat loves Honda cars and that’s the reason why he drives nothing but Honda, he really wishes that one day he is able to buy a brand new Acura NSX for himself. Aat has only been able to buy new alloy wheels with the money he recently won with this step (บอลสเต็ป).

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