Accounting firm chain owner from Bangkok donates all the money she wins with sbobet


Kanokwan Vires owns a successful accounting firm that is spread all over the country of Thailand with its headquarters in Bangkok. Although Kanokwan’s accounting firm is a huge one, she didn’t hesitate to write on her blog that medium sized accounting firms are the best for any business. She wrote that the ones that are too large are ignorant while the small sized ones are inexperienced and unproficient. Kanokwan wrote that the medium sized accounting firms are mostly experienced, proficient and have an intelligent and sensible founder.

Kanokwan predicts that soon enough the business of an accounting firm will be far beyond the regular accounting, taxation and auditing.

Kanokwan says that it is a pity that most young entrepreneurs do not trust accountants for start-up advisory.

Kanokwan claims that the more varied sectors an accounting business is involved in, the better it is for the client.

Kanokwan has conducted several live seminars in the past but now she doesn’t do that anymore. Many of those seminars are available on the Youtube and other similar websites. Mostly, these seminars are 90 minutes or longer and each and every minute of these seminars is a gem for the accounting students and firms alike.

Kanokwan claims that different economic climates do not have much of an impact in an accounting business as it is generally perceived to be.

Kanokwan claims that more individuals than ever before are availing the services of an accountant nowadays and many of these believe that the governments across the world should make the accounting services free.

Kanokwan always advises her clients to not take their personal betting money into the books of accounts of their business. Kanokwan herself loves gambling and she claims that she has never wrongly accounted the money she placed on different sbobet asia bets and has always spent the money she won with betting on sbobet for some good cause, like charity.

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