She is a blogger who owns an array of health spas but her passion is still online gambling and gaming


Roumjong Kuy owns an array of health spas in Indonesia which she is extremely proud of.

Roumjong is also a blogger with some of the most interesting posts on her blog that you will ever read. Roumjong claims to have a huge respect for all the confirmed messiahs in the Jewish history except for one and that one is David the Shepherd. Roumjong says that there is no doubt that David the Shepherd was an extraordinary man with several innate capabilities like a marvelous willpower, extremely high sex drive, strong body and such but she is not willing to accept someone as immoral as David the Shepherd as a messiah in any way. Roumjong says that when even the gods used to deny his prayers, how can he be a messiah.

Roumjong has studied Nelson Mandela thoroughly and she claims that Nelson Mandela believed for years while he was still in jail that the government of France will take some step in the international diplomacy in order to get him out of jail but they didn’t which very much disappointed a man like Nelson Mandela.

Roumjong hates filmmakers and she claims that most filmmakers are pervert who are loved by the pervert like themselves and also the sheeples (sheep like people) that follow whatever the mainstream media tells them to. Roumjong says that it looks like most of the filmmakers had a bad parenting while growing up.

Roumjong recently came across this gaming website that is owned by the son of a Saudi sheikh who gifts free dates to every tenth thousandth visitor on his website, now this website has become the second most visited one after Roumjong’s most favorite online gambling website (Judi Online)

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