Dry cleaning business owner from Seoul totally relies on betting online for his entertainment


Bale Kyung owns a successful dry cleaning business in a plush neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea. Bale’s dry cleaning business recently started providing size alteration service as well which they used to be hesitant towards earlier as Bale believed that providing size alteration services will kill the exclusivity as it falls in the tailor business category but the competition providing it was stealing the business of Bale’s company rapidly which finally made Bale take the decision that they also need to provide size alteration services as well.

Bale has a pen friend in Pakistan who is a lawyer by profession. This Pakistani lawyer pen friend of Bale fights free cases as a form of Zakat all over Pakistan and Bale is extremely appreciative of the same as he is a humanitarian and he believes that the Islamic countries around the world lack a sense of humanity.

Bale remembers how he used to argue a lot as a teenage boy. Everyone told Bale that he should become a lawyer which he really did due to their advice after taking student loan only to regret it later.

Bale recently lost a lot of bitcoins with a website which I would not name here. He contacted one of the best bitcoin recovery service that he could find in order to get back his bitcoins only to face disappointment later on.

Bale also lost a lot of money with the movie industry a couple of years ago which made him come to the conclusion that the movie industry across the world is largely dependent on the marketing tactics and is nothing on itself. Bale believes that soon enough the movie industry will be a defunct industry which doesn’t matter at all for Bale as his only entertainment comes through betting online – 안전놀이터

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