Conspiracy theorist from Cheonan is Anti-UN but Pro-Sports Betting


Ella Sok is a conspiracy theorist and one of the most famous bloggers from the city of Cheonan in South Korea.

Over time, Ella has come up with hundreds of different conspiracy theories some of which I am going to mention here.

Ella claims that Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and European Space Agency (ESA) tie-up is the biggest proof that the nation of India is being governed by the US-Europe secretly.

Ella says that in the beginning of this century, there was talk almost everywhere about how significant is the United Nations and how each country in the world should become its member but now they all talk about how fraudulent of an organisation it is and nothing but a paper tiger – a tiger which cannot even bite, let alone kill.

Ella sounds Anti-Islam as well when she claims that there was a time when the Muslim tribal chiefs and emperors referred to the tribes and empires not willing to accept Islam as the remains of the Lot as in the old testament in order to bring about a spirit in their army but that has all changed now and their Muftis now tell everyone that not a single person from Lot has been left.

Ella claims that some international terrorist organizations have arms and ammunition made up of clothes and they look just like garments. Ella claims that terrorist attacks at a scale larger than ever before are going to take place in the coming times.

Ella claims that the United States of America and its allies deliberately turned Pakistan into a nuclear power so that it comes on par with India in terms of the military power. Pakistan – which is 7 times smaller than India possesses 130 nuclear weapons whereas India only possess 120 of those.

The only thing that Ella advocates for is sports betting (먹튀검증) and she claims to have won over 10 million Won by now with the same.

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