Phitsanulok florist is getting married to a Baccarat lover next month


John Isaac is a florist from the city of Phitsanulok in Thailand whose shop recently started providing event decoration services as well. John says that if you knew earlier how profitable and lucrative the event decoration is, he would have started event decorating since the day of his flower shop’s inception.

John claims that decoration is really one of the most addictive things that you will ever come across and only those who are already addicted to the same can comply with it.

John says that only a real floral enthusiast can relate with one and it is next to impossible for a Non-Floral enthusiast to comprehend the feelings of a real floral enthusiast.

John’s shop offers same day delivery as well and guaranteed delivery within 2 hours to the customers belonging to some of the selected nearby neighborhoods in John’s city.

John claims to have a larger number of repeat orchid customers than any other florist in the province.

John still uses email for business but gives more importance to apps like Whatsapp.

John’s shop is popular for quick and exact delivery to the hospitals. John says that himself and his team have learnt a lot from their experience and all of their upcoming stores will be located near hospitals, marriage halls, etc.

John claims that their flowers live longer than those of 95% of the florists in Thailand and definitely the longest in the Phitsanulok province.

John says that although marriage rate in Thailand has been constantly slowing down and the competition in the flower industry has been constantly rising up; The wedding and bridal bouquets were never so much in demand before.

John is himself getting married next month to the girl of his dreams who is also a Baccarat (บาคาร่า) lover like John himself.

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