Dermatologist claims there need to be studies done to check the positive health benefits of online gambling


Jacqueline Fuller is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Depok for the past 17 years. Jacqueline is a very outspoken dermatologist and she doesn’t even fear the different Unions of Dermatology, be it in her own country or global.

Jacqueline has a very popular blog dedicated to dermatology where she writes blunt statements about everything she has observed and noticed while practicing for 17 years in the field of dermatology. Jacqueline claims that the different union of dermatologists have been hiding the actual number of dermatologists that have been victims of cancer patients in their lifetime. Jacqueline claims that she knows the real number but she won’t tell because she will start fearing for her life 24 by 7 then and it is also against her professionalism. When asked “Don’t you fear for your life right now?” She replied that she does but not as much.

Jacqueline says that she never used to believe the reviews in the Google Maps and other places by the patients that claimed that they faced racism by their dermatologist but Jacqueline started believing those after she met a racist dermatologist herself who was undiscriminating in her obsession with racism, she wasn’t only racist with her patients but also with the fellow dermatologists, lecturers and almost everybody of a different skin color that she came across.

Jacqueline says that the dermatologists need to stop to blame smoking and stress for all the skin related issues. Jacqueline tells all her rich patients to bet regularly online to improve their skin conditions and Jacqueline claims to have seen a lot of positive results with the same. Jacqueline says that they need to study the positive effects of gambling online (Judi Online) on different aspects of health but they won’t as it doesn’t make them any money.

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