Neurosurgeon recommends IBCBet to his patients to keep their brain healthy


Dr Agus Ibrahim is a neurosurgeon from the city of Medan in Indonesia. Dr Agus comes from a very humble background and perhaps that’s the reason why he has always been so generous with the common public of Indonesia and maintains a very nice looking blog where he posts interesting things at least once a week about neurology and brain health.

Dr Agus claims that the cases for hydrocephalus are far higher among the babies born to parents that are diabetic or alcoholic. Dr Agus says that every good parent should stop their drinking habit as soon as they make up their mind for the conception. He says that you must not care about the withdrawals or anything and if you cannot do that, you do not deserve to be a parent.

Dr Agus says that it is a pity that the modern patients give more importance to the friendliness of the clinic’s staff than the expertise of the surgeon. Dr Agus believes that the friendliness of the staff is very important but it is next to zero compared to the expertise of your surgeon.

Dr Agus practiced in Canada for a while as well and there he observed that spasticity seems to be more common among that Chiari Malformation is far more common among the ice workers than the others but unfortunately no neurosurgeon or union is taking an action to find out the cause for the same.

Dr Agus claims that spasticity seems to be more common among the Red Bull drinkers which makes the doubt in Dr Agus’ mind stronger that it contains Amphetamines as claimed by many others before.

Dr Agus claims that when you get a high dose of endorphins naturally like after completing a hard task, winning a lottery or bet, you do your brain a great justice and that’s the reason why Dr Agus recommends all his patients and blog visitors to bet register on IBCBet (Cara main Ibcbet).

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