Indonesian blogger and author is proud of her online gambling addiction


Alexandra Häkkinen is an Indonesian author and blogger who has been writing a book on the life and death of the notorious mafia member – Carmine Galante.

In her book, Alexandra has written that Carmine inherited the criminal gene from his fisherman father who also happened to be a small time pickpocket. Alexandra claims that Carmine’s father never refrained Carmine from his criminal activities although there are varying arguments around this.

Alexandra claims that Carmine Galante didn’t kill the journalist Carlo Tresca on the orders of Benito Mussolini or as a favor for Benito Mussolini but rather because he was writing extensively against the mafia infiltration of the trade union movement.

On her blog, Alexandra claims that the Islamic conquest gave Portugal and Spain more than it stole from it. Alexandra claims that the Portuguese and Spanish used to be far inferior than any of their European counterparts but the Islamic conquest really put them on par with their other Western counterparts. Alexandra further says that the same can be said about the Portuguese conquest of Goa.

Alexandra has been to both Russia and most of the Middle Eastern countries and she says that the Russians may be popular for showing off their wealth but they look like a joke when compared to the Arabs.

Alexandra believes that the AIDS can spread through a mosquito bite and it is one of the greatest lies to have ever been told by the people of the medical field that it cannot. Alexandra says that if they do more unbiased studies, it will prove her claim.

Alexandra without any hesitation says that she has been addicted to online gambling for a while and she has a name of all the AgenQQ listed on her blog for reference.

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