This chef cum restaurant owner loves Bitcoin Gambling as much as she hates the overrated Durian Whisky


Carmel Bautista is a female chef from Iloilo city who is also the founder and owner of a restaurant where she cooks for at least 2 hours a day.

Carmel has a very interesting blog on the official website of her restaurant where she keeps posting interesting stuff. Carmel writes that the basement prowlers that live with their parents, especially with their single mothers are generally good chefs.

Carmel believes that Gordon Ramsay is the most overrated chef ever and his marketing skills are extremely underrated. Carmel says that she wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gordon Ramsay was a full-time marketer and he was rated the best each year.

Carmel hates Durian Whisky as much as she loves Bitcoin Gambling Philippines. Carmel says no matter how much they pay the media to promote the Durian whisky, the customers are not gonna buy it.

Carmel was in the United Kingdom for three years and she is really impressed with the work of Unichef there.

Carmel claims that it is a fact that ‘Chicken a la King’ dish was really created by Delmanco’s chef Charles Ranhofer in the early 1880s and anybody who doesn’t agree is clearly biased.

Carmel says that it is a pity to see the companies that have nothing to do with the food, restaurant, dining, etc enter the restaurant industry and ruin the exclusivity, delicacies and many other things of the restaurant industry.

Carmel has been working on inventing some unique dishes with eggs as she believes that the dishes that can be created with the use of eggs is extremely low and they are not using a healthy ingredient like egg in thousands of productive nutritious and delicious ways that it can be.

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