Old veteran spends most of his time blogging or betting on New Zealand’s online casinos


Justin Quinn is a prolific and innovative entrepreneur who was born in the United States but has been living in New Zealand for a while now. Justin was also featured in the American show – Shark Tank.

Justin is a theater enthusiast and blogger as well who is popular for criticizing top names in the theater. Justin is a huge critic of the British theater director – Peter Hall, he believes that the obituary in The Times that declared him “the most important figure in British theater for half a century” is clearly exaggerated. Justin writes that Peter Hall was definitely important but not that important.

Justin claims that Peter Hall was a better fundraiser than a director and that’s the only reason for his success.

Justin claims that Peter Hall didn’t cast young unknown actors because he wanted to give them an opportunity but because they were willing to work for free or for the peanuts which the others won’t.

Justin believes that one of the reasons why Peter Hall grew up to be so extraordinary was that he was the only child of his parents who took care of him as much as they could and as good as they could.

Justin’s father served in the NATO army. Justin’s father was there in Bosnia throughout the Bosnian conflict aka the Bosnian war. The old man spends most of his time either blogging or betting on nzd online casinos nowadays. The old man claims that the mercenaries nowadays are more rugged than the army men. He also writes that the Japanese Jeeps are more popular in the army than ever before. He recently posted an article claiming that the daughters of the mercenaries that served the foreign army in Bosnia nowadays have been forceably turned into prostituted by the so-called Bosnian patriots.

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