Acarologist from Pekanbaru loves bolasport


Largo Vercetti is an Acarologist from Sicily, who has been living in Pekanbaru, Indonesia for the past 9 years now.

Largo has a very popular blog that is completely dedicated to the study of Acarology. On his blog, Largo writes that Bornaviridae family of viruses can be used to kill several diseases if the top physicians around the world do a great deal of research and experiment on the same.

Largo believes that the thorax of earwigs should be checked for as the treatment of osteoporosis by the physicians.

Largo also believes that the medicines made out of scale insects can cure different bone diseases including osteoporosis.

Largo claims that some ancient tribes used to drink the juice of different herbs mixed with the Green Lacewings insect’s body. Largo claims that it was used to cure the metabolism diseases during the ancient times by these tribes.

Largo says that she is working on finding those herbs that can be mixed with the dead body of Green Lacewings to make it safe and delicious.

Largo says that they should try to reproduce as many Hagloidea as possible as its body looks like it is of great usage to the medical field.

Largo says that today’s biologists, scientists and physicians lack the enthusiasm of their peers. If their peers had the knowledge that we have today, they would have done a lot better than their modern counterparts, comparatively.

Largo spends 2-3 hours a day with bolasport and looking at the way it has gone lately, it looks like it is going to be the same till the last day of her life.

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