Auto Journo has an uncle who believes that cars can run on sugarcane juice just like Sbobet runs on the internet


Sudeepa Singh is an Indonesian Auto-Blogger and Journalist of Indian origin who claims that Isuzu and MG (Morris Garages) are making a deal secretly without even telling the General Motors that will change both the companies forever.

Sudeepa claims that Chrysler, Fiat, General Motors and Subaru are going to go bankrupt sooner or later and Isuzu knows this and that’s the reason why it has made such a deal with MG secretly.

Sudeepa writes that Roy Evans, the man who bought the American Austin Car Company back in 1935 was planning to start a textile company instead, for which he would import textiles from India and sell those all over the USA. Sudeepa writes that to his bad luck, the American Austin Car Company went bankrupt and the rest is history.

Sudeepa writes that Nisssan and Isuzu are the prime examples of what inefficient planning can do to your great business with great products.

Sudeepa has an uncle who believes that sugarcane juice can be used as a fuel for the automobiles. This uncle of Sudeepa is very regular in the Sbobet scene and he knows perhaps each and every Agen Sbobet Casino.

Sudeepa claims that Toyota Century is the most favorite vehicle of the Pope but they won’t let him ride in one because it is a Japanese car. Sudeepa claims that there is a secret rumor that Maserati has been trying its hardest to convince the Pope to use one of their vehicles.

Sudeepa writes that the Adams Company could have been with us even now if they played their cards right and focused more on the customer satisfaction and improving their own cars than trying to destroy the Ford motors.

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