Full-time blogger and gambler never knew that learning the Korean language will prove such a beneficial thing for himself


Antonio Ortega is a full-time blogger and gambler who claims that Prophet Muhammad used to communicate with Jesus Christ in his dreams but Jesus told Prophet Muhammad to keep it a secret. Antonio claims that Jesus is the real mentor to Prophet Muhammad and not the angel Gabriel.

Antonio believes that Italy is going to be the greatest nation on earth again. Antonio claims that the Italians are determined to bring back the Great Roman Empire glory. Antonio claims that people from other parts of the world are also going to join the Italians for the cause once they get it going.

Antonio is a hardcore denier of the great big bang and he claims that the Big Bang theory is nothing but an etiological myth, the reality of which will soon be revealed.

Antonio believes that good oratory skills still matter as much as they did 100 years ago, and perhaps, no robot will ever be able to replace those.

Antonio claims on his blog that full nudity will be a norm in the television and movies across the world and that is going to happen very soon enough. Antonio writes that the full nudity becoming common on the television and movies will burn the porn industry into ashes.

Antonio writes on his blog that ‘Living History – An Autobiography of Hillary Rodham Clinton’ by Simon & Schuster is the funniest book that he has ever read. He writes that the book is full of lies and made up stories. Antonio writes that it looks like they didn’t revise the book before publishing it.

Antonio is a great fan of Toto websites (토토사이트), especially the Korean ones. He cannot stop complimenting those on his blog. Antonio learnt the Korean language 5 years ago to learn and understand the Korean culture better.

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