Former spy is soon going to become one of the richest women and she owes it to a Hindu priest and slotfun88


Duangkamol Young is a blogger responsible for the popular Kenwood vs Sony vs Pioneer all over the internet. Duangkamol recently started a car, motorcycles and trucks classifieds website which has been pretty well since the day one.

Duangkamol worked as an individual spy for quite a while and while working as a spy she concluded that the Volkswagen cars are the best to spy someone as they make little to no sound. Duangkamol once used a Honda Fit to spy but it should not come to you as a surprise that she was caught on the very first day of using it because of its noisy iVtec engine.

Once when Duangkamol was out on a mission to understand what a particular individual did to go from the rags to the riches, she was amazed to learn that he did nothing but chant mantras, bet after that and come as a winner each time. Duangkamol called a horny Hindu priest after learning this who would do everything free just to be next to a beauty like Duangkamol and asked him to keep chanting mantras while Duangkamol herself places a bet on the best and most-reliable looking casino website that she could find – ฟัน88 and wallah! She kept winning like the man she spied on.

Since that day, Duangkamol has been sleeping once in a while with that Hindu priest to make him chant the mantras so that Duangkamol can win and looking at the pace with which Duangkamol’s net worth is increasing, I will not be surprised if Duangkamol becomes the richest Thai woman in the next couple of years.

Duangkamol has already bought one of the most popular Thai companies that is specifically involved in manufacturing and exporting water cooled diesel engines.

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