She bought a new place with the goldenslot money


Tiasha Chaturvedi is a manufacturer and exporter of wide range of forged, machined and casted, vehicle suspension and fastening components. Being in a business that only caters to the automobile industry, Tiasha knows a lot more about the automobile industry than most others taking advantage of which, she has been running a very successful automobile blog for the past 3 years. Tiasha says that although the government of India and its media has been campaigning to boycott Chinese products completely for a while, meanwhile Volvo increased its investment in its Indian manufacturing plant and other ventures a lot. Tiasha doubts that the boycott of Chinese products seems to be just another political stunt by India’s Modi government.

Tiasha says that she never feels safe while going out for a long trip. She claims that not even a brand new bombproof Toyota Land Cruiser or a Cadillac Escalade can guarantee a smooth and safe long journey and that’s the reason why she prefers to travel using railways while going out with her family.

Tiasha believes that the emission norms of most of the underdeveloped Asian and Eastern European countries are nothing but a joke.

Tiasha’s brother – Vipin owns a small bus transit company. Vipin never buys a bus with Automatic Transmission system. Vipin says that the buses with Automatic Transmission systems don’t last long, are high on maintenance and unreliable.

Vipin claims that the buses in the near future will have higher ground clearance.

About Volvo’s CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses, Vipin says that they are a joke and cost higher in the long term than a diesel bus.

Vipin feels so much attached to the buses because at one point in his life, he had to live in a bus along with his wife and 2 kids as they couldn’t afford a house. Vipin’s wife had an intuition that betting on goldenslot would be able to save them from this crisis, so she started reading gambling special blogs and within 9 months, they were able to buy a small house for themselves in an isolated neighborhood. Vipin and his wife say that they don’t believe in ghosts, souls and spirits and they bought the house so cheap because it was believed by the locals that lost spirits and ghosts live in that house. They lived in that house for 3 years before moving to a bigger one and they never felt any sort of paranormal activity going on in there, neither did they saw any ghost or spirit. They haven’t told their kids till date that they lived in a popular ghost house for 3 years. They both say that their kids were too happy in that house and they sometimes even tend to believe that it was because the ghosts were stimulating the dopamine producing part of their brains to make them feel happy. Anyways, the family has never been happier overall before, it is wonderful to see how happy can money make you contrary to the popular belief that the money cannot buy happiness.

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