Indian-American couple call themselves RR and own a RR as well


Robert Fernando is a Christian-Indian-American who recently went to the village he was born in Goa to revisit his childhood. There he met the beautiful Punjabi girl – Rachita that he grew up with and fell in love with her for the very first time. He never looked at her like that before, she also showed interest in him in order to become an American citizen even though she never liked him because Robert is really ugly. The couple got married in Goa and then came back together to Utah, United States.

Rachita is currently manager of one of the topmost Logan City, Utah’s international NGO. The NGO is very well run and a lot of the credit goes to Rachita for the same.

Robert owns a club in Nye County, Nevada where only VIPs and discerning gentlemen are allowed to visit. It is one of the top landmarks in the Nye County and rightfully so, Robert has managed it so well, it is just incredible.

Rachita and Robert or RR as they like to call themselves love to go together in their RR (Rolls Royce) or attend special events and dinners together ecstatically.

Last week when Rachita and Robert heard some loud thumps on the gate of their house, they thought that it were some home invaders but turned out that a kid about 11 year old had busted into their garage with his mother’s Land Rover Discovery. The kid chose the night time because his mother was asleep and he would never get her permission even in a dream to driver her car at the age of 11. Robert immediately called his mother and told what happened on the phone. She immediately came to Robert’s address and paid the repairs to Robert and apologized to him as well. Robert asked her to take a chill pill and play judi QQ with him and his wife, she politely said “No” and went back. Rachita was already awake when the incident took place, she was reading the latest post on

Fiat Automobiles winded up from India but Audrey Drucker couldn’t care less


Audrey Drucker cares more about what the random strangers on the streets, in the club, in the shopping malls like to see than what her husband  does. Audrey always wear clothes that show her cleavage and the round shape of her ass as much as possible.

Audrey is the daughter of the chief of a land-owning tribe. Audrey has many family members in the politics. It is a culture in South America where many Union Ministers are feudal warlords.

Audrey says that commonwealth games should be renamed as commonslave games as the commonwealth games are primarily played by the countries that were once a part of the British empire. Audrey says that she cannot even imagine how some nations can be so stupid to participate in such games. Audrey then says that no wonder if they weren’t so stupid, they couldn’t have become slaves so easily.

Audrey’s husband – Martin owns a ship repairing company in Bahrain. Audrey herself works at a Uranium company even though she can buy the company.

One of Audrey’s best friends is one of the biggest shareholders in the Fiat Motors company who has been tossing and turning trying to sleep since Fiat winded up from India. This friend of Audrey is an Administrative Executive for a local newspaper and looking at her position, Audrey believed that she was so smart but turned out that she wasn’t. Once this friend of Audrey posted naughty lingerie party pictures of a girl in her newspaper without her permission and got into a big trouble. It is amazing how after that she got out of that trouble and that made Audrey believe that she is one of the smartest women on earth but Audrey isn’t going to believe her anymore. Audrey has been reading different casino forums day and night, and placing bets on PokerClub88 for the past couple of weeks believing that it will soon make her a fortune just like it did to many others

Miss Nuntita owns 2 major manufacturing units, an auto-magazine and she owes it all to UFABet


Waan Nuntita worked as a Development Adviser at Ashley Kate HR & Finance for a long time until she found her own company. Waan is rich off UFAbet, it made her more money than all the other casino websites combined.

One of Waan’s companies manufactures and exports everything PVC including PVC Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes, PVC Plumbing Pipes, Agricultural PVC Pipes, Flexible PVC Pipes, PVC Garden Pipes, PVC Water Plumbing Pipes, PVC High Pressure Pipes, PVC Hose Pipes, PVC SWR Pipes, PVC Corrugated Pipes, PVC Water Pipes, PVC Flexible Pipes. Another company of Waan is involved in manufacturing LD Tarpaulin and LDPE Sheets.

Waan is also the CEO and founder of a monthly automobile magazine. Waan is very critical of the trucking company owners and truck-makers, especially Scania, Hino, Iveco and Volvo. Waan says that these four companies don’t care about the comfort and luxury of the truck drivers at all. Waan has written in several times that no matter how much these four companies claim that their trucks are driver-friendly with large sleeper berths, they are always wrong. Their entire focus is on the loading capacity of the truck and they make trucks in a way that makes the faith of even the most patient person disappear from the humanity.

Waan claims that the General Motors is going to lose money on each car that they sell in the future as well and this is the time when all the major and minor shareholders of the company should sell their shares before the company goes defunct.

Waan is amazed at how SUV-friendly India and Brazil have gone in the past couple of years. Waan says that one of the ways any rookie car-maker can ensure profitability is by creating a Pseudo or Real-SUV and launch it in India and Brazil and finally count the profits generated.

Coffee lover got the idea to make a fortune with Playing Baccarat while sipping coffee


Candy Klose is a coffee lover who never gets tired of repeating that a chemically produced caffeine is no match to the real and natural sip of coffee.

Candy’s husband is a cable operator whose company guarantees uninterrupted transmission service or money back.  Candy herself used to be a travel agent who turned into a cafe chain owner within the past few months. Candy always wanted to start a coffee shop of her but becoming a cafe chain owner was nothing less than a dream come true for her, thanks to เกมบาคาร่า and different gambling blogs.

Candy is a think-tank who needs one or another topic to think about, Candy wonders why older people have more foot ulcers and why nail conditions and dry skin go together.

Candy’s sister – Koko is a small toy company owner whose target market is mainly kids between 3-6 years old. Koko is a believer in god with her own bizarre ideas about the creation and other similar stuff, Koko claims that it took the god 2 entire weeks to design the landscape of the earth. Koko says that moon is the daughter of the planet Sun and Jupiter. Koko has an unbelievably colorful past as she even worked as a nude model for a while and she loved it but after giving birth to 4 kids, her body is not apt for nude modeling but she has been trying hard to get back into her beloved profession.

Koko says that she wishes if she could go back to the Syria and locate the four kids that started the Syrian crisis. Koko says that the leader of those kids is really her hero and she wishes if every kid could be that brave.

Friendly, sophisticated and captivating Lori bought a 5 star hotel room


Lori Bentzion has a friendly, sophisticated and captivating personality. Lori has a sensual body that you will be dreaming about for a long time with a dynamic sense of humor. Lori loves to take an ice cold shower everyday of the year. She recently bought a room in a 5 star hotel with the money she won playing ItuQQ.

Lori has a friend named Barbara who is the owner of a very nice and fun personality. Barbara is young, pretty and extremely liberal. She never forgets a cup of coffee with the breakfast. Barbara loves her showers hot and steamy.

Barbara got married about 5 years ago and during the first couple of years of her marriage, the couple used to make love each night and the whole night used not be enough for each other. Barbara and her husband are both doctors, it is nothing less than a miracle that neither ever got late for an appointment.

Barbara and her husband’s clinics provide an amazingly fun atmosphere rather than boring. Each consultation with Barbara is truly memorable due to her lovely accent.

A common friend of Barbara and Lori whose name is Kira hates emotionally manipulative people. Kira is a very gentle and affectionate person who loves to have a good and relaxing time.

Kira owns a lingerie and stockings store in a popular market that stands out in the market. Kira is an eroticism enthusiast in the word’s truest sense. Kira is a former dancer with a heavenly body who is always in a funny mood. It is always a pleasure to have a conversation with her.

Kira doesn’t like vacations but rather researches the profitability of different businesses and reads history during the holidays.

Ghostwriter that claims to be a relative of Tony Blair just bought a bungalow


Aviva Archambault is one of the most prolific ghostwriters you have ever seen. She just bought a bungalow in a nice upper middle class neighborhood with the money that she made with ghostwriting hip hop and pop songs.

Aviva claims that she is related to Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister).

Aviva cannot forget when she used to work for a major British company and she had to attend a press conference for the very first time in her life. Aviva is very reserved and introvert with very few friends like herself and sitting among so many strangers (mostly of the opposite gender) who were all in higher positions than herself, she felt so nervous and anxious that she hasn’t been able to forget it yet. She still blushes thinking about the embarrassment that she faced while expressing her ideas in the press conference, she started stuttering due to nervousness for the very first time.

 My personal opinion about Aviva Archambault’s press conference is that she hasn’t learned anything from Tony Blair who was a wonderful speaker. The guy could convince the strictest guy to vote for him.

Aviva also cannot forget when she once failed the school examinations once, she got bombarded by questions from her parents. They couldn’t wonder why she failed the examinations when she didn’t waste any time talking to the friends, she doesn’t watch much television and they didn’t have an internet connection yet. In reality, Aviva was always dreaming about a guy that she had a crush on in her school. He was one year senior to her and out of her league.

Anyways, Aviva loves to learn new languages and she has successfully learnt Italian and Esperanto. She has been now learning Thai for a while and she does it with a touch of entertainment – she is a frequent reader of blogs like and lover of gambling on Thai websites.

Bought a Jaguar F-Pace with football gambling’s help but now plans to sell it and buy an Infiniti SUV instead


Sergey Watson cannot thank Agen Bola enough as he recently won enough money with its help to buy herself a penthouse and her favorite Jaguar F-Pace. Sergey bought Jaguar F-Pace for its looks but he is now hating his decision, Sergey says that buying a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Lamborghini is a stupid idea. Sergey didn’t do any research before buying the vehicle but after only 2 months of the purchase when his SUV started giving him nightmares, he did a lot of it and came to the conclusion that buying European cars is a stupid idea and there are plenty of reasons why the Japanese cars sell so much. Sergey has put his Jaguar F-Pace on sale and he says that he will buy a Infiniti QX60 after his Jaguar F-Pace gets sold.

One of Sergey’s half-brother is a Vietnamese who has been living in Vietnam for the past 12 years. This brother of Sergey has been working on building a website inspired by China’s AliBaba. He says that although his website is going to be inspired by AliBaba, it will be much more advanced than the AliBaba and will help the Vietnamese economy boost a lot. He is a real nationalist and dreams of seeing the Vietnamese economy greater than the American and European economy combined one day. Although Sergey knows that his dreams will never come true, he really respects his half-brother’s nationalism.

Sergey’s wife – Reshma is the owner of a bakery popular for its unique flavors. Reshma is also a blogger and she received a lot of negative comments when she made a post saying that Jay Leno may be intelligent but he always fails to make herself and her friends laugh.

Reshma also received a lot of criticism when she wrote that all the founding fathers of Pakistan were British agents including Allama Iqbal, Maulana Maududi, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Reshma says that these men being British agents is quite evident from the fact that they all devised the plan to create a separate nation for the Indian Muslims when they were in England. It is quite obvious that they were reading from the script that the British officials gave them.

SEO firm owner made millions with betting and now wants to start her own hotel chain


Shauna Tennant is a SEO firm owner who personally learnt how to create backlinks from one of the most popular Youtubers on the subject – Lazy Ass Stoner. Shauna says that Lazy Ass Stoner is a really nice and fun guy.

Shauna say that one of the things that surprised her the most while working as an Internet Marketeer the businesses that sell expensive products spend much lesser time, effort and money on the Internet Marketing than the ones that sell regular and cheap products and services.

Shauna decided to become an SEO expert herself when her Cryptocurrency compay that she found couldn’t do well due to the lack of Internet Marketing.

Shauna believes that the success in the modern day and age is a scientific process and anybody can make a fortune or become financially independent if they figure out exactly what is neded ob done or in other words, if they play their cards right. Shauna’s financial success story too has a lot to do with the cards, Shauna made millions with finding the right bookmaker reviews and she says that it is one of the best ways to get rich quick in today’s competitive and stressful world.

Shauna has been thinking about starting her own boutique hotel chain with her newfoud wealth but she fears ranking her hotels on the top of the search engines as ranking hotels of the big cities on the top of the search engines is a herculean task.

Shauna says that she only uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to check which keywords are bringing in sales and then she starts focusing on working on those keywords. Shauna hates the fact that the Google Adwords search volume numbers are still way above than the real figures like they used to be in 2006.

Czech Republic’s first Sikh convert believes that online gambling will help him win enough money to start his own solar panel business


Andrew Gluzman sells biggest brands at the best prices possible at her popular clothing stores located all over the state of Minnesota.

Andrew claims that the FBI agents have very high living standards and 95% of them are multi-millionaires having offshore accounts, properties and businesses. He says that he was told this by a friend of her whose dad is living a lavish life in the Switzerland with the money that he made as a FBI agent. Andrew says that he will be a multimillionaire too with the help of a good sport predictor one day.

Andrew’s best friend Brian is a Czech gentleman who recently converted to the Sikhism after getting fascinated with the teachings of the ten Sikh gurus and their martial adventures. Brian has a turban of almost every color available. Brian is perhaps the only Czech who converted to the Sikhism, at least he is the only one that I personally know.

Brian’s great-grandparents hid in the wildlife sanctuaries during the World War 2. Brian says that they wouldn’t have done so if they were born or raised Sikh. Brian believes that the guns should be more stylish so that they sell more. By profession, Brian is a farming expert who advertises his services everywhere free on the internet including Craigslist, Backpage and other similar websites.

Brian wants to start a solar panel business but the business requires heavy initial investment which Brian also believes that he can win with betting online smartly.

Andrew lived in Mexico for quite a while and he says that half of the Mexico believes in the left-hand path aka tantra. Andrew also got to live in different African countries for a while. About Africa, Andrew says that the people of African countries give importance to the philosophy over science and logic.

Used to eat at the langars, is now a millionaire in Indian currency


Kashish Wadhwani thinks and acts like everyone else is a weirdo. She is one of the very few people living in New Delhi, India that adheres to the traffic rules and laws. She has a strange belief that people of Indian, African and Aboriginal origins are sub-humans. Her favorite author and opinion-maker is an infamous Pakistani named Hassan Nisar. Hassan Nisar is a favorite of millions of Indians.

I don’t know if you are aware of this fact that pregnancy ultrasound scans are illegal in India due to an unbelievable percentage of female infanticide that used to happen when it was legal. Kashish claims that many radiologists still perform pregnancy ultrasound scans hiding behind the curtains and they even provide abortion service after that. This is another thing that makes Kashish hate India even more.

One of Kashish’s cousins who was one of the dumbest students in school got married to her college sweetheart who became an alcoholic after her marriage to him due to her nagging behavior which he never noticed before their marriage, all thanks to the takeover of his hormones over his intelligence. Kashish’s hormones also took over her intelligence when she was in her 20s but she preferred to work as a North Goa escort rather then.

One of Kashish’s profound belief is that the people of ancient India were wiser, more intelligent and better in almost every critical aspect. This is what Kashish wrote on a forum – “The modern urban Indians are wannabe Americans and the modern rural Indians are wannabe urban Indians and that’s what is making them dumber each day. You need to be original to achieve your full potential which very rare Indians are.”

Another cousin of Kashish used to eat food at the ‘langars’ in Gurudwaras until Kashish gave her some money to bet online and change her luck which she did. She kept betting on FIFA55 games and the money multiplied. All thanks to fix it center where Kashish discovered about FIFA55 and how it turned so many into multi-millionaires.

Enjoying a vacation to India and buying a Lamborghini Urus is no big deal with Hongkong Pools money


Ethel Cardozo still gets flashbacks about some certain events that happened in her childhood and it drives her crazy but she is not willing to tell about those events to anybody, we can only guess what they were.

Ethel recently traveled to India to enjoy vacations and did her best to inquire whether all the exaggerated Hindu mythologies are based on facts or they are mere myths. After meeting the Hindus in India, she can confirm that the Hindu myths are mere myths and have nothing to do with the reality. Ethel wanted to go to Pakistan instead but changed her mind after learning that a six year old in Pakistan was recently tried for blasphemy in Pakistan. Ethel was really scared to learn this and decided that she will never go to Pakistan in her life. Ethel even worked as a South Goa Escort for a couple of days to enjoy some men and make an extra buck as well and that’s the only thing she loved there.

Ethel was one of the first in her country to buy the long awaited Lamborghini Urus, thanks to live draw Hongkong Pools.

Ethel used to live in a cheap neighborhood before finding this goldmine called live draw Hongkong Pools and she used to be regularly persecuted and envied because of her extraordinary and exotic beauty by both men and women.

Being a Jew by birth, Ethel has some harsh things to say about the Jews and the Jewish religion. Ethel claims that all the ancient Jewish traditions were occult practices in disguise and it is evident from the ancient Jewish and biblical tales. Ethel says that Jews being a treacherous people is evident from them borrowing the name for themselves from someone like Jacob. Ethel says that Jacob aka Israel had nothing in him that the Jews or anybody else can learn from, he would be in prison if he did what he did in the modern times.

Cerys Farid is a blogger who aspires to become an author soon enough, Cerys refutes several claims made in the book of genesis


Cerys Farid is an amateur Biblical scholar who refutes the claim that one of the most important Jewish patriarchs – Joseph (the son of Jacob who was sold as a slave to the Egyptians and ultimately rose to become the governor of the ancient rich state of Egypt) ran away from the wife of the palace guard and his boss – Potiphar when she tried to seduce him. Cerys affirms the notion that African women have a huge libido and one old promiscuous Egyptian man wouldn’t be able to satiate the desires and hunger of a young African woman but Cerys claims that Joseph never enjoyed the sexual pleasures in his life and the wife of Potiphar was a voluptuous woman who loved to dress in skimpy and revealing clothes. Cerys claims that Potiphar’s wife used to dress skimpily in order to attract Potiphar towards herself so that he can stop making love to the other women in the Egyptian kingdom. Cerys says that Potiphar’s wife was well-aware of the fact that Potiphar was cheating on her but she couldn’t dare say a word to him as she was scared of him all the time.

If we have to believe Cerys, one rainy day, when Potiphar was out to buy some slaves for the wife of Egypt’s king, Joseph believing that Potiphar’s wife would be hungry for some love and something else, jumped upon her and when she started screaming, he ran away from the scene, when Potiphar came back, his other slaves and servants told him everything and Potiphar was so kind and generous, instead of killing Joseph, he sent him to the prison and until the time when Joseph was released from the prison and was made the governor of Egypt, Potiphar had enough generosity to forgive him in his heart.

Cerys says that she has stopped going to her 9-5 job since the day she discovered that she could make a bank working as one of the Best Escort in Tel Aviv. She now researches and writes all day all night long and hopes to become one of the most prolific and popular blogger before becoming one of the most prolific and richest author ever.

33 year unmarried Pakistani feels for the Khatri and Arora people that lived once in Pakistan and gambles in their memory


Roohani Durrani is a Pakistani Muslim who has studied the history of the whole Indian subcontinent including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal thoroughly. Roohani is 33 and still unmarried which is very uncommon in the Indian subcontinent. Roohani’s brother has been looking for the perfect groom for his one and only sister like a bulldog. He is active of several matrimonial website, dating websites, subreddits, Facebook groups, discord servers and slack chatrooms in search for a perfect groom for his one and only sister.

Roohani did an extensive research on what happened to the Punjabi Arora and Khatri people that migrated from Pakistan to India back in 1947. Roohani found out that the Khatri and Arora people who had been so much against the inbreeding for thousands for years had to inbreed after reaching an unfamiliar place. These Khatri and Arora people had been living in what is now called Pakistan since time unknown and now they were forced to leave their country and move to an unfamiliar place where they were refugees. About half of the people that migrated could never reach the destination, they were killed, raped and robbed.

Roohani feels for the Hindu and Sikh people that lived in what is now Pakistan for millennial but were forced to leave, several were burnt alive with their women raped in front of them.

Roohani wants to go to India and settle there. She has also decided that if she ever goes to India, she will work as a Foreign escort in Mumbai.

Once while writing a blog post about the Khatri and Arora people that lived in what is now Pakistan, Roohani started crying like a baby and to deviate her mind and feel good again, gambled all night on her favorite FIFA55 website and whenever she felt like reading, instead of reading something else, she read only gambling related posts.

Young woman discovered Football Betting while learning Mandarin Chinese


Cassandra Victor is not only stunningly beautiful, but she is well-educated and mature. She treats her husband with respect and never lets her night to be a boring one, she makes each of his experience an unforgettable one. She always gives him an intimate and un-rushed experience. She is too good to be true! She walks right out of your most erotic dream and into your arms. To be happy in life is everyone right.

Cassandra has been working for many different MLM products for the past four years. All these products are primarily about the quality. Cassandra wants to become a greater player in the MLM industry soon enough and she has that sense of urgency which I am certain will take here there sooner or later.

Cassandra is a lovely lady who is very tactful and elegant, but there’s more to Cassandra than just her looks and a feisty attitude.

Cassandra recently went to India for a vacation and discovered that the cars that are considered compact in other parts of the world are taken as big cars there.

Cassandra has a younger sister – Ariel who is still looking for a soulmate of her dreams. Ariel loves meeting gentlemen of class and refinement. Ariel is a smoking hot, easy to get along with lady. Ariel is in her mid-20s, has a sexy frame and her dark brown hair is a perfect compliment to her gorgeous face.

Ariel loves to gamble and she likes it more if it is online. Ariel has been learning the Mandarin Chinese language for a while now and while she was browsing some random blogs in the Chinese language, she stumbled upon a website that goes by the name SingBet9 and discovered Singapore Football Betting.

Once a victim of domestic violence, now a successful businesswoman and gambler


Edith Marciano is always accused of thinking very highly of herself which she always denies.

Edith says that her ex-husband never used to feel even guilty after beating the shit outta her. Edith says that her ex-husband used to physically abuse her almost every day.

Edith claims that domestic violence brings bad luck to not only the home that it does happen in but also people living within 5 acres of that area. Edith says that all the people that lived around her house back when she used to get physically abused by her husband all the time used to be poverty stricken, diseased and overall unhappy but as soon as she divorced that idiot and he sold that house out to some decent black family, the neighborhood started getting rich and happy. Edith hates that area so much but she had to travel through that area for some business recently and she was amazed to see German, Swedish and English cars everywhere around, the only cars that used to be there were Chevys, Fords, Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans before and that too the older ones.

Edith herself drives a Kia Stinger and a Volvo XC60 which she bought with the money she made with her business and cá cược.

Edith attributes most of her success to setting short-term goals of 180 days and long term-goals of 5 years but she is yet to reach that long-term goal mark since she started setting those.

Edith claims that drinking 8 mugs of black coffee a day turns her into a genius greater than Einstein himself, the only difference between Edith and Einstein is that Einstein was a scientist whereas Edith is a businesswoman, another difference is that Einstein was a male whereas Edith is a female.

This Cincinnati Ice Cream Parlour is popular for many things including the Calendar that it has on its walls


Zach Chapman owns a very popular ice cream parlour in Cincinnati, Ohio. Zach’s ice cream parlour has separate eating rooms for the homosexuals, heterosexuals, makes, females, kids, parents with kids, couples. Zach claims to have got the idea from a very plush ice cream parlour that he visited on his vacation to Switzerland.

Zach claims on his blog that he believes that the smell of an ice cream is as crucial as its taste and that’s the reason why his ice cream parlour serves nothing but freshest ice creams so that they could both taste and smell equally great.

Zach is extremely proud of the fact that his ice cream parlour is sponsored by one of the major cellular companies. Zach claims that the owner of the cellular company decided to become a sponsor after having a taste of Zach’s ice creams.

Zach claims to have the most well-behaved employees in the industry and also brags that he has never had a complain offline or online that any of the employees at his ice cream parlour behaved rudely with the customer.

Zach’s ice cream parlour is designed just like an ancient ghost mansion and the customers seem to love it more than anything else for the same. They also seem to love it for the unique 2019 Calendar that Zach has on the walls of ice cream parlour.

Zach has some homegrown buffalos to provide fresh milk for the ice creams that they make at his parlour.

Zach loves to maintain exclusivity and that’s the reason why his ice cream parlour has gone from selling nothing but only vegan ice creams at a time to selling nothing but Non-Vegetarian ice creams including the ones made using pork, chicken, lamb meat, etc several times. Currently, they serve both vegan and non-vegetarian ice creams because Zach has come to a conclusion that it is not possible to become profitable for his ice cream parlour maintaining that sort of an exclusivity. Zach loves to make jokes on himself regarding this fact that how confident he was each time while changing the theme of his ice cream parlour.

There are nationalist gamblers all over the world, especially in Indonesia


Ranbir is a real nationalist Indonesian boy. Ranbir’s father, his grandfather, his maternal uncles and even his maternal grandfather were all in the military. Ranbir is short, is not physically strong enough, so he couldn’t pass the military examinations.

Contrary to the popular belief in Indonesia, the interceding from any of his family members or the money couldn’t get him a job in the military. Ranbir didn’t give up on his nationalism even after not getting a job in the military.

Ranbir would spend all his time spreading awareness and his nationalist ideas all over the internet. He would spread awareness on the Twitter, he would spread awareness on the Facebook. He made it his duty to do nothing but spread knowledge that will do to good to his nation.

Ranbir was only 22 when he started his campaign, and now he is 29. At the age of 25, he got married to the girl of his dreams. They were in the school together.

After that, his parents and relatives started telling him that nationalism is not enough anymore, you need to do something that makes money. Ranbir knew of nothing other than spamming his messages on the social media. He searched on the internet about how he can make money spamming on social media, but so many people were doing it already, so it was worthless. Ranbir didn’t even have a bot. Forget about owning a bot, Ranbir didn’t even know that bots exist.

Ranbir’s nationalism finally did bring in some good karma, and he came across one of the most trusted 1xbet Indonesia websites. Ranbir borrowed some money from his cousin and started playing on that website. Soon enough, Ranbir was making over $300 per day just playing full-time on that website. Ranbir’s dream came true. His baby is on the way now and Ranbir is so excited.

More gadgets, more money, more football betting, that’s what’s going on in Diana Rawal’s life


Diana Rawal is a technology and gadget freak who says that efficiency used to be Sony’s forte which it has lost since a new CEO joined in, whom she doesn’t want us to name here.

Diana claims that SUVs soon enough will be as light as hatchbacks and sedans. Diana has a bad news for the ones who expected that SUVs will be as light as the convertibles and the coupes.

Diana claims that she has seen ghosts with the most advanced high voltage LED lights but nobody believes her except me because I have seen those too with my expensive LED head-torch.

Diana owns a company that manufactures potato chips. Diana herself has been having a hard time trying to get rid of her addiction to the spicy chips.

Diana claims that cancer is a myth created by the medical unions to rob the people as much as possible.

Diana is a freelancer who always feels worried and anxious while working because of the abuse she received as a child. Her parents would mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically abuse her all the time.

Diana claims that no teaching, moral, principal, etc can beat the biological drive. Diana knows several incestuous single people in her personal life but none of those is from her family.

Diana claims that British people are the smartest and they still run the world in a very secret way.

Diana has a very funny haircut with very strong gold color which makes it look like Aladdin’s treasure on the head, whenever someone teases Diana saying stuff like “Where’s the treasure?” She replies saying “With my online football gambling bookie (bandar judi bola).

Diana never married or had a boyfriend but she is very active on Tinder. She always prefers men with small dicks over the ones with a large one.

Furniture Store Receptionist killing it with free casino games


Sabrina used to work as a receptionist at a furniture store until about 2 years ago. A little about Sabrina’s background – Sabrina was born and raised in the Ferrara town in Italy. Sabrina was raised Catholic. Both her parents are Catholic and very strict about the religion.

Sabrina started working as a receptionist at a furniture store in Ferrara town itself when she was only 19 years young. Sabrina was always an intelligent, a bit rebellious and ambitious girl. When Sabrina was 20, the company opened another furniture store in the city of Bologna. The company offered Sabrina better salary for working as a receptionist at the Bologna furniture store. Sabrina moved to Bologna without her parents.

It had already been 2 years since Sabrina was working there at the Bologna furniture store. Sabrina started to get bored of her life now. After going to home from work, Sabrina would look for ways to make money online. Sabrina tried her hands in lots of online businesses and wasted lots of her money. She didn’t give up though. Meanwhile, Sabrina developed an addiction to free casino games online (nemokami kazino zaidimai internete). The addiction kept on getting stronger, because Sabrina would always end up winning instead of the other way round.

Sabrina soon enough found herself earning more money with online poker than she would earn working 60 hours a week at the furniture store. Sabrina has now come back to her hometown of Ferrara and lives there with her parents. She still works for the same company, bu their Ferrara store. She gets paid the same salary as at the Bologna store. She has other plans also in her head. The money she has been winning playing online poker, Sabrina is not wasting that, she has been saving that to start her own furniture store soon enough in her hometown of Ferrara.

Daughter of a retired colonel is doing a great patriotism by making money with Pashagaming


Vivian Dodge is the daughter of a retired army colonel. Vivian says that military guys are not as hard as they are perceived to be, they are soft like jelly in their personal and family life instead. Vivian says that her father was very strict when it came to the discipline and punctuality but other than that he was unbelievably soft.

Vivian’s mother is one of the most popular nurses in the history who is responsible for the birth of over 36000 babies. She still wants to work as a nurse but she is too old for the same now. Vivian says that she is even too old to type and she has a mommy and nursing blog where Vivian types whatever her mother tells her to. Vivian’s mom’s blog is a pretty successful one and Vivian is planning to sell diapers, toys and other stuff for babies on the same taking advantage of the blog’s popularity.

Vivian owns her own personal blog where she writes about her daily activities, hobbies, resolutions and whatever she observes in the everyday life. In her personal blog, Vivian has yet made several outrageous claims including a claim that Ishmael, the son of Hagar (the maid of Sarai) was long ago killed in his teenage years by the wild beasts whence he was out to hunt animals. Vivian says that Ishmael was not a virgin during that time but he wasn’t married or responsible for the birth of a baby either.

Vivian even once went to an extent to claim that Salman of Saudi Arabia is the real Dajjal (the false messiah according to Quran) and chief of Illuminati.

Vivian plays Pashagaming for 2 hours a day and nobody in her family knows about it yet. Only Vivian’s friends know about her addiction to the online betting websites and surprisingly, all those websites have their origins in Turkey.

Anti-racist, Anti-War, Pro-Religion and Pro-Gambling – Juniper is an institution in herself


Juniper Attali says that she has seen and observed more racism in America than anywhere else in the world. She notices it all the time when she sees black people praising only black sportspeople, hip hop artists, pop singers like Beyonce, actors, leaders and others, she notices the racism when white people without even listening to the music by black people dismiss it as nonsense, she notices it when she never hears a white man quote a black sportsman, actor or writer. The most recent incident of the racism that she encountered was on the Youtube when she saw a video of Les Brown – the infamous motivational speaker and all the audience were black, not only all the audience that was live there was black but the people who commented on the video were also black. Same was the case with the relatively new and younger motivational speaker – Eric Thomas’s videos, all the watchers on the Youtube were black, the audience were also black, even the speaker was speaking out some racist slurs.

Juniper is the kind of a person who loves the humor and hates the violence. She once received a lot of hate for talking anti-war and anti-racism on the Twitter. Yes, you read it right, hate for talking anti-war and anti-racism. She even once received hate for talking pro-gambling, especially when she talked in the favor of พนันบอล she dismissed the haters by calling them retard inbred republicans. Juniper is an avid reader of almost all things and especially all things gambling, she is a subscriber of different gambling blogs and she can never get enough of reading it.

Juniper reads a lot about the different religions of the world and she says that the more she reads about a religion she never read before, the more similarities she finds of that religion with the religion that she knew about before.

Winfield Blanchar is a popular cytologist who turned into a businessman with UFABet Dollars


Winfield Blanchar is a popular cytologist with a specialty in cytochemistry. Winfield loves gambling and he recently won 343, 000 US Dollar with a single FIFA55 bet which he invested in starting a children’s swimming pool and hot tubs business, thanks to different Thai gambling and casino blogs where Winfield learnt about พนันบอล.

Winfield likes to read a lot and his favorite subject after cytology is business. Winfield likes to write his opinions on his blog a lot and I am going to mention some of what Winfield wrote on his blog. Winfield says that India’s Tata Motors has no other edge on its local competitors than its iron and steel industry. Winfield definitely said that Tata Motors has a great advantage when it comes to the steel and iron over its competitors but it doesn’t mean that the iron and steel industry of India is one of the best or is serving as a great advantage to the nation. Winfield also says that normally the iron and steel industry and shipbuilding industry’s progress go together but that is far from happening in India and still many fundamentalist Hindus believe that India can take on Sweden and Russia when it comes to the shipbuilding industry which can only be laughed at.

About United Kingdom’s Iron and Steel Industry, Winfield says that it is not what it once used to be and as a proof he likes to mention the net worth of British-Indian steel tycoon – Lakshmi Mittal and also something that very few know about – British automobile companies including Jaguar, MG Motors and Land Rover using  Swedish steel instead of the local British steel.

In his personal life, Winfield cannot get over the fact that due to a major testicular injury, he will not be able to father the children of his own. He is yet to adopt a kid but unfortunately that seems to be the only way for him.

She bought a new place with the goldenslot money


Tiasha Chaturvedi is a manufacturer and exporter of wide range of forged, machined and casted, vehicle suspension and fastening components. Being in a business that only caters to the automobile industry, Tiasha knows a lot more about the automobile industry than most others taking advantage of which, she has been running a very successful automobile blog for the past 3 years. Tiasha says that although the government of India and its media has been campaigning to boycott Chinese products completely for a while, meanwhile Volvo increased its investment in its Indian manufacturing plant and other ventures a lot. Tiasha doubts that the boycott of Chinese products seems to be just another political stunt by India’s Modi government.

Tiasha says that she never feels safe while going out for a long trip. She claims that not even a brand new bombproof Toyota Land Cruiser or a Cadillac Escalade can guarantee a smooth and safe long journey and that’s the reason why she prefers to travel using railways while going out with her family.

Tiasha believes that the emission norms of most of the underdeveloped Asian and Eastern European countries are nothing but a joke.

Tiasha’s brother – Vipin owns a small bus transit company. Vipin never buys a bus with Automatic Transmission system. Vipin says that the buses with Automatic Transmission systems don’t last long, are high on maintenance and unreliable.

Vipin claims that the buses in the near future will have higher ground clearance.

About Volvo’s CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses, Vipin says that they are a joke and cost higher in the long term than a diesel bus.

Vipin feels so much attached to the buses because at one point in his life, he had to live in a bus along with his wife and 2 kids as they couldn’t afford a house. Vipin’s wife had an intuition that betting on goldenslot would be able to save them from this crisis, so she started reading gambling special blogs and within 9 months, they were able to buy a small house for themselves in an isolated neighborhood. Vipin and his wife say that they don’t believe in ghosts, souls and spirits and they bought the house so cheap because it was believed by the locals that lost spirits and ghosts live in that house. They lived in that house for 3 years before moving to a bigger one and they never felt any sort of paranormal activity going on in there, neither did they saw any ghost or spirit. They haven’t told their kids till date that they lived in a popular ghost house for 3 years. They both say that their kids were too happy in that house and they sometimes even tend to believe that it was because the ghosts were stimulating the dopamine producing part of their brains to make them feel happy. Anyways, the family has never been happier overall before, it is wonderful to see how happy can money make you contrary to the popular belief that the money cannot buy happiness.

Former spy is soon going to become one of the richest women and she owes it to a Hindu priest and slotfun88


Duangkamol Young is a blogger responsible for the popular Kenwood vs Sony vs Pioneer all over the internet. Duangkamol recently started a car, motorcycles and trucks classifieds website which has been pretty well since the day one.

Duangkamol worked as an individual spy for quite a while and while working as a spy she concluded that the Volkswagen cars are the best to spy someone as they make little to no sound. Duangkamol once used a Honda Fit to spy but it should not come to you as a surprise that she was caught on the very first day of using it because of its noisy iVtec engine.

Once when Duangkamol was out on a mission to understand what a particular individual did to go from the rags to the riches, she was amazed to learn that he did nothing but chant mantras, bet after that and come as a winner each time. Duangkamol called a horny Hindu priest after learning this who would do everything free just to be next to a beauty like Duangkamol and asked him to keep chanting mantras while Duangkamol herself places a bet on the best and most-reliable looking casino website that she could find – ฟัน88 and wallah! She kept winning like the man she spied on.

Since that day, Duangkamol has been sleeping once in a while with that Hindu priest to make him chant the mantras so that Duangkamol can win and looking at the pace with which Duangkamol’s net worth is increasing, I will not be surprised if Duangkamol becomes the richest Thai woman in the next couple of years.

Duangkamol has already bought one of the most popular Thai companies that is specifically involved in manufacturing and exporting water cooled diesel engines.

Jat Punjabi Indian converted his 1000 Yuans to 380, 000 and the multiplication is still going strong


Sanjay Randhawa is an Indian man belonging to a Jat tribe of the Indian state of Punjab. Having no opportunity there in Punjab, Sanjay traveled to the Republic of China in hope for a better living. After working at a gas station for a while, Sanjay found out a Punjabi community that lived in the Shanghai city and with a few members of that community, Sanjay opened up a Punjabi restaurant.

The restaurant was doing below average even though they made great food there and everything was nice. Punjabi food is really one of the most delicious in the world and almost everybody likes it, but it is not so popular in the Republic of China and that’s the reason why it didn’t sell much.

Sanjay instead of thinking of going back to India, made a plan to go to South Korea because he wanted a better opportunity at any cost. He didn’t want to come back to India at all. Sanjay started learning the Korean language while still living in the Republic of China. He was learning it online and after reaching the intermediate level of fluency in the Korean language. He once came across this website – 먹튀사이트.

Sanjay didn’t have the money for a ticket to South Korea, so he thought why he doesn’t he play it with the 1000 Chinese Yuan that he has in savings and try to multiply these. He was successful in multiplying it. He converted his 1000 Chinese Yuans to 3500 in the first night. Within 2 months of playing it everyday, Sanjay converted his 1000 Chinese Yuans to 380, 000. Sanjay then instead of going to South Korea, planned to go back to Punjab, India. He has been telling everyone there in Punjab, India that he became rich with hard work that he did in China. He does nothing but bets online full-time and watches his money multiplies.

Customer service representative turned into a mobile company owner and her painter brother into a touch-up spray paint company owner with lottery


Permata Mambo used to work as a customer service representative at a mobile company until about a year ago but now she owns a small mobile company of her own that sells mobiles all over Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and India both online and offline.

Permata says that along with making money she is interested in serving the society and she does it by exposing the liars. Permata is currently after the conspiracy theorist and politician David Duke and she says that she is almost half done with her video which she will upload on Youtube exposing David Duke and everything about him. Permata claims that she will delete her Youtube account if her video exposing David Duke doesn’t get over 1 million views within a month and will never talk anything against a conspiracy theorist after that.

You may be wondering what made Permata turn from a low-paid customer service representative to a mobile company owner. I know that many of you have already come to the conclusion that Permata is a trophy wife or something like that but no, always ambitious and smart Permata collected a list of trusted bukumimpi websites over a period of 3 weeks and started buying tickets from there and today she is one of the most successful Malaysian women under 35.

Permata told the trick to her one and only brother – Akbar about her financial success secret and surprisingly enough, Akbar too got lucky and has made enough money to start his own touch-up spray paint company. After becoming a financial success, Akbar is looking for a wife and he says that he only needs a wife with high estrogen levels. Akbar claims to have done an extensive research on the type of wives and he has come to the conclusion that women with high estrogen levels are more likely to be drama queens but they are great mothers and incredible sexual partners and on the other hand, women with low estrogen levels are bad mothers, have no or low sex drive but they are obedient wives. Akbar says that his biggest priority is that his future wife must be a great mother to their kids and also insatiable on bed.

Foster mother of over 100 Hindu children trolls idiots online all the time as she doesn’t need to worry about money anymore since she got that UFABET on her side


Drozah Blaise is very well-recognized around the world as a hero of Hinduism. Drozah is a foster mother of over 100 Hindu children. She is very much against the abortions and has given several speeches against the abortions. According to Drozah, the only places that need abortions are the Islamic nations.

Drozah laughs her ass out on a Nepali who keeps commenting on different Indian car review videos saying that the Indians are so lucky nowadays, they can buy an SUV like Volkswagen Tiguan for around INR 3 Million (48000 US Dollar). Drozah keeps trolling this guy and other Nepali guys by saying stuff like last time I bought a second hand Volkswagen Tiguan in Kathmandu, Nepal for only 200, 000 INR (3500 USD). It is a fact, to be honest, Nepal is notorious for selling stolen cars from India, you don’t need a visa to enter Nepal from India and hundreds of Indian and Nepali thieves steal cars from India, take it to the Nepal and sell those there for dirt cheap price.

Drozah has been trolling Muslim fanatics a lot lately. Last time I was talking to her on the phone, she was busy trolling a Pakistani Muslim who was asking the Muslims all over the world on the Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to stop getting the surgeries done, they are haram. Drozah replied back on each of his tweets, “If medical surgery is haram then why so many of your Imams, Muftis and Preachers are surgeons including Dr Zakir Naik and Late Dr Israr Ahmed”. Drozah then got what was coming to her, a banhammer on each of the websites but she really trolled the idiot really good. He deleted each and every comment of Drozah that he could find and he could find only 50% of those, maybe he needs a cataract surgery himself.

Since Drozah has found this fountain of wealth on UFABET, she has been spending an extensive amount of her time doing these nonsense activities as she doesn’t have to worry about the finance so much anymore.

One friend believes winning thousand dollar bets is a big deal but to the other it doesn’t matter at all


Paul Chugh is a catalog quality auditor at an online clothing website with an extensive interest in history, politics, philosophy and gambling. Paul claims that Hamas has been selling stolen cars and refrigerators to fund themselves.

Paul claims that the concept of equality is neither feasible nor applicable.

Paul recently enjoyed a trip to Argentina where he noticed that the city called Mendoza there has a lot of potential to be the next Silicon Valley and while the people of Argentina know very well about this, the government is not willing to take any action.

Paul claims that the oil-rich Arabian peninsula is god’s most favorite location on earth and god has proven this hundreds of times in the recorded history but god will not help them anymore if they don’t do good deeds according to god’s will.

Paul has done an extensive study on the religion of Islam as well and he claims that taking color pictures according to Islam is haram but taking color pictures is not.

Paul says that each and every French person that he ever met personally amazed him at how good the French people are as human beings. Paul says that the state of Quebec in Canada doesn’t define French people or the nation of France at all.

Paul says that although Pacific ocean is the deepest and the largest, it lacks the beauty and charm that other oceans possess.

Paul believes that success is something that cannot be defined in words and it is specific to everyone. For example, one may consider winning thousands of dollars with a situs judi online as success but to some other person, the money, especially gambling money will not matter at all and the only achievement that they consider as success would be non-financial.

Waiter turned into an Industrialist with the online casino bahts


Winford Clement is the owner of a company that manufactures leaf blowers and vacuums but just about a couple of years ago, Mr Clement used to work as a waiter in a fine restaurant where he used to approach each and every gentleman and lady that he could asking if they have a job for him which is risky but pays a lot but he never got any success until one day he discovered one of the most honest and reliable Thai online casino (ออนไลน์คาสิโน). Winford started betting each night on that online Thai casino after coming back to home from the work and here he is, a waiter turned industrialist just within a couple of years.

Winford has been advocating on the internet for a while that instead of transferring the property to the next generation, it must be given to the orphans. Winford’s advocacy has been receiving both negative and positive feedback since the beginning.

Winford likes to write on his popular conspiracy theory blog as a hobby whenever he has some spare time. Winford claims that the Talibanis are planning to disguise themselves as Sikhs, travel to Canada and make Canada a new home for their conspiracy. Winford says that the Talibanis feel that Afghanistan and Pakistan are no more safe for them and entering the western countries as Muslims is very hard nowadays.

Winford claims that there will be a great war between the Christian majority and Muslim majority countries in the African continent before 2025.

Winford has always been very critical of celibacy and he claims that celibacy used to be a sin in the Pre-Hinduism Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Winford has been actively writing against Donald Trump for quite a long. Winford says that Kim Jong-Un and Ali Khomenei are reliable but current American President – Donald Trump like every other American President is not.

Mr Bergsson got himself a Cadillac after a friend recommended him a miracle


Fannar Bergsson is a popular auto enthusiast and blogger who became viral for the first time after he posted on his blog a post titled – “Kids buy Indian Chief, Men Buy Suzuki and Legends buy Kawasaki”. Fannar claims that Kawasaki and Suzuki build the most eco-friendly vehicles.

Fannar doesn’t ride motorcycles anymore because his wife doesn’t allow him to but Fannar loves his current ride – a 2011 Volvo XC90 with Yamaha’s V8 engine. Fannar says that if Yamaha keeps producing engines for the cars, soon enough it will become the largest engine producer in the world as these peppy engines are so addictive that people will refuse to buy any car that doesn’t have these in them. Fannar hates the fact that they have stopped selling the classic Volvo XC90 except in China. Fannar says that it is the best-ever looking SUV for him.

Fannar also likes Cadillacs and he also owns a Cadillac CTS-V couple. Fannar says that it is one of the most underrated cars ever. Fannar bought this Cadillac CTS-V coupe after he won 7, 23, 000 USD after a friend recommended safety park (안전공원추천) to him with which Fannar has been able to make millions till date.

Fannar says that the American car companies could have never thought that the Japanese will beat them so badly. Fannar says that it is not Ford vs GM anymore but rather Ford, Chrysler and GM vs Honda, Nissan and Toyota, and the Japanese have constantly been winning the battle no matter how hard their American rivals try.

Fannar is very critical of the Land Rovers as well. Fannar says that the Land Rover look extremely well put together and they give a sense of assurance that nothing will go wrong until they start breaking down every and then which is usually way too early. Fannar says that he has seen Range Rovers that start breaking down every now and then after completing only 40, 000 miles.