Program Manager at Alexa loves betting on Korean casinos which she discovered through a Casino Forum


Belera Buzova is a program manager at Alexa who also teaches automobile engineering online as she is an expert at that.

Belera is one of the greatest fans of the popular Youtuber and 3rd generation mechanic – Scotty Kilmer, which should be evident from the fact that she comments on each and every Scotty Kilmer video. Belera claims that it requires a super=genius to beat a genius mechanic like Scotty Kilmer.

Just like Scotty Kilmer himself, Belera also buys nothing but used Toyota or Lexus. Some people call her scrooge for that but she couldn’t care less.

Belera loves to travel but she hates buildings with domes and that’s why she never traveled to the middle-east, Turkey or Eurasian Steppe as there are buildings with domes everywhere in these regions of the world. As much as Belera hates the middle-eastern countries, she has a huge respect for the Arab and Jewish people. Belera claims that Arabs and Jews are very smart and efficient people and this is evident from the fact that their language starts from the right as they understood this very early that the humans naturally start reading from the right side and not the left. Belera claims that once you get used to reading any language that starts from the right, you only like to read that particular language.

Belera wants to have her own mechanic shop with the highest paid mechanics.

Belera claims that Korean people are more creative and rebellious than their Chinese counterparts. She says that Kim Jong-Un and his ancestors were really tough as they have managed to keep these people underneath their total control for quite a long time.

Belera is fluent in the Korean language and she loves betting on Korean online casinos which she discovered through Casinoforum.

This Senior Pricing Manager at a Major Retail Chain doesn’t have much hope for the e-commerce’s future but he sees great possibilities in the future of e-casinos


Leo Hartley is a Senior Pricing Manager at a major clothing retail store chain that is popular for giving 60% discount to the couples on the Valentine’s day. Leo always has funny tales to tell about his experience at the store on the Valentine’s Day on his blog including how once a brother and sister were acting as lovers at their store on Valentine’s Day only to get caught later.

Leo agrees that the e-commerce industry is growing faster than almost any other industry but the declining profit margins makes him think that the industry will not be able to survive for long. Leo claims that he knows about a secret group of young man that is working on building the greatest ever e-commerce in the little nation called Brunei.

Leo also says that soon enough, e-commerce will require more investment than retail business and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if that happens before the year 2024.

Leo recently wrote about a non-profit organization involved in teaching Indian farmers about how they can enter the e-commerce industry.

Leo loves reading books on the subject of astrochemistry and more than the knowledge, these books provide him with motivation and the spirit to keep on.

Leo says that he observes different things at different places all the time and one of those is that the high-profile personalities don’t ask any questions at the parties but they keep on answering the questions of the other guests all the time.

Leo has been making 50 US Dollars a day with a model test paper website that he founded for fun back in the late 2007.

Leo is also lucky enough to make money with betting online here and there, he recently made 1500 USD within one night betting on a Malay gambling website that goes by the name scr888.

Generous, brilliant, fat and sometimes weird guy donates all the money he wins betting on Klasemen Liga 1 to Catholic causes


Godfrey Felix is a huge, fat, fun and sometimes weird guy who claims that some creatures belonging to other planets have already been living on the planet earth for a while. Godfrey says that the only issue is that they cannot be seen with naked eyes but their presence can be felt. Godfrey claims that these creatures have been trying their best to destroy the human beings, humanity and other nice things about the earth. Godfrey sometimes doubts that these creatures are agents of the Iblees. Godfrey claims that he sometimes gets too annoyed by the presence of these alien creatures and he is a lot more vulnerable to feeling their presence because he is an empath.

Godfrey is definitely weird but that doesn’t mean that he is not brilliant. Godfrey started his professional career as a computer operator but today he owns a successful factory that manufactures Industrial Ribbon Blenders, Conical Blenders, Double Cone Blenders, Octagonal Blenders, Jacketed Blenders and Ball Mills.

Godfrey doesn’t understand Hindi or Punjabi language but listens to Indian music composer – Bally Sagoo’s music all the time. His most favorite track of all time by Bally Sagoo is ‘Noorie’, which he listens to almost 50% of the time he is in his Cadillac Escalade.

Godfrey is so fun-loving and generous. One example of his generosity is that he plays movies on his fat abdomen through projector to make his little nieces, nephews and their friends laugh. He has also done the same with the neighborhood kids a couple of times as well.

Another example of Godfrey’s generosity is that he donates all the money that he wins betting on Klasemen Liga 1 to Catholic Youtube channels like WCBOhio.

Multi-cuisine restaurant chain owner got a Ford Everest 4×4 as a gift from his LSM addict sister


Inna Amudee is a proud fourth-generation owner of a nail polish and lipstick company which was founded by her great-great grandmother.

Inna’s husband – George is a multi-cuisine restaurant chain owner. He is a trained chef himself. George regularly uploads videos on the Youtube to increase his restaurant’s popularity. His channel is not yet monetized and he doesn’t plan to monetize it anytime soon.

George has been teaching his one and only pet Panda to speak Thai language. George claims that the Panda has been learning faster than he ever expected and soon enough, he will start uploading videos of his Panda talking in Thai language on the Youtube and those videos will not be monetized either.

George’s one and only sister – Tina has been addicted to betting on LSM for quite a while now and she recently gifted George a brand new Ford Everest 4×4 with the money she won within a span of 8 months betting on LSM99.

George lived in India for over 14 months and there he studied the behavior of the different wild animals found there, very closely. George claims that he was really fascinated by the Indian Jackals. George studied the Indian Jackals for the most time and he noticed and observed that an average Indian Jackal is far more cunning and clever than an average Fox. George claims that the cunning and cleverness of Fox is more mythical than real.

George has been obsessed with the Instagram Direct for quite a while and he had no idea that the Instagram Direct Deleted Messages could be recovered with just one click using an app.

George has been working on creating a foolproof instrument to keep the home invaders away. George says that this instrument will be available in Southeast Asia and Africa only as the home invasion is the problem of these 2 regions mostly. George says that he is not willing to waste his time to attract the buyers of the Europe, Central Asia, Australia and America. One of George’s cousins tried promoting one of his products in these markets but they don’t trust Thai products in these parts of the world.

Pottery wholesaler bought a used Bentley Arnage with the money she won betting over a span of 2 years


Angel Berger has always been very interested in spirituality since she was a child. Angel claims that naturally skinny people are very less likely to be spiritual and the Hindu God Ganesha who is depicted as a very fat being is the very symbol of this fact.

Angel used to say that the best time in her life was the year 2007 and she would listen to Colbie Caillat’s song – ‘The Little Things’ all the time to relive the year 2007 again, but it was all before Angel discovered the most trusted Indonesian QQ gambling website (situs judi qq online terpercaya). After Angel came in touch with this trusted QQ website, everything around her changed, within the past 2 years, she has won over 75, 000 US Dollars with this very website and with the same money, she bought a used Bentley Arnage.

Angel is a businesswoman, she has been wholesaling pottery products all over her little nation for the past 8 years. Angel’s husband – Gino is a golf clothing retail chain store owner who cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of playing golf in the afternoons of the winter season.

Gino says that Blog Talk Radio has proved to be one of the most significant business promotion tool that helped him make his golf clothing retail chain a success.

Angel is a freelance hobbyist journalist as well. Angel recently got the opportunity to interview one of the most popular British pop singers of the 1980s – Samantha Fox, who told her that she has fallen in love with the Latin American nation of Uruguay and is planning to retire there within a couple of years.

Angel also interviewed an Ex-Toyota employee recently who told Angel that Toyota is planning to enter the headset business and their headsets like their cars, will be the most reliable.