Wealthy industrialist loves betting on cockfights


Jesus Barnett is a wealthy industrialist who currently owns two factories, one manufactures plastic containers and the other manufactures and exports plastic cutlery.

Jesus is 42 and he claims to have observed that gray hair are not a sign of losing virility and vigor although they are a sign of aging but bald spots are a definite sign of reduced virility and vigor.

Jesus sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he claims that Ronald Reagan was the real brain behind the death of Indian Prime Minister of that time – Indira Gandhi. Jesus also claims that it was Rajiv Gandhi who gave the green signal to Ronald Reagan to plan the murder of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv’s mother so that Rajiv could become the next Prime Minister of India. Jesus claims that Rajiv and Reagan had a great relationship and the proof is their video on the Youtube where Reagan is catching the umbrella on Rajiv’s head to save him from the rain and this video says it all, says Jesus. Jesus also claims that the Bofors scandal of India was planned by Ronald Reagan.

Jesus also claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi wants to take a revenge on the overpopulated Indians for being childless himself. Jesus claims that Narendra Modi has oligospermia and he found it out after he tried having a child with several different women. Jesus says that he left his first wife because he had erectile dysfunction as well during that time.

Jesus grew up on a farm and his obsession with the animals, especially the cocks and the hens hasn’t left him yet. Jesus loves to bet on cockfighting websites (sabung ayam).

Economics scholar and industrialist loves cars and gambling


Debra Rizzo is a PhD in Economics who is responsible for writing several textbooks for high school students – both junior and senior high school students.

Along with being an academic, Debra is an industrialist as well who started out with manufacturing plastic soap cases but now manufactures water bottles, gift items, flower pots, bathroom sets, dinner sets, you name it.

Debra claims that the customer acquisition cost has broken all records in the past 4 years.

Debra is an automobile enthusiast as well who claims that the Indian Volkswagen and Skoda’s CEOs are on the payroll of the competitors and same is the case with the Nissan and Renault India. Debra says that the chiefs of these companies have been making blunders upon blunders deliberately.

Debra says that the car industry has come way too far in India. She remembers that back until the financial year 2010, there used to be only one vehicle with a V8 engine in India and that used to be a Volvo XC90 but now there are several of those.

Debra says that in India, road presence of a car is far more important than its design.

Debra says that all those that care about the badge of a car definitely do not deserve to be called enthusiasts. Debra says that a real enthusiast is one who chooses his/her car with heart and heart doesn’t care about a car’s badge.

Debra says that the sports cars don’t make any sense for the bad Indian or Pakistani roads but the Porsche SUVs definitely do.

Debra lived in Indonesia for a few years as well where she got addicted to gamble on credit (judi pakai pulsa).

Online Settlement and Payment Company founder and chief takes advantage of her expertise in the world of football betting


Noor Saman used to be a GM Administrative Assistant at Shopify until she founded her own Online Settlement and Payment Company.

Noor is related to one of the members of the Australian Punk Band – The Distillers.

Noor has always been extraordinarily interested in science. Noor says that she is desperate to see some revolution in the world of chemical solution vessels before the day she dies. Noor hopes to see neon colored, electricity run and drone chemical vessels. Noor says that her friends shouldn’t be surprised if she is the one to invent some such thing before anyone does.

I personally believe that it is going to be Noor who will first come up with such chemical solution vessels before anyone else does.

Noor claims to have studied all the prominent Italian scientists thoroughly and according to her, the Italian scientist – Amedeo Avogadro was a masturbation addict and his wife – Felicita Mazze used to cheat on him regularly due to this not-so-secret addiction of his. According to Noor, Amedeo was very well aware of the fact that his not-so-beloved wife used to cheat on him all the time but he acted like he didn’t know anything about it. Noor claims that there used to be times when Amedeo was awake and full of energy but acted like he was asleep while his wife Felicita used to have sex with another man in another room. Noor also claims that Amedeo used to reject the teachings conveyed by the anti-masturbation advocates of that time calling it pseudo-science and stupid.

Being in the online settlement and payment business, Noor is very well aware of the trusted online football gambling agents (Agen Judi Bola) and she takes the best advantage of the same.

He will not stop betting on QQ288 even if the god almighty castrates him


Jared Harper has been working as an Executive Assistant at the Facebook for the past 4 years and loving it.

Jared is extremely passionate about automobiles and gambling. About gambling, Jared says that if he is given the warning by the god himself that he will be castrated if he ever gambles again, he will not stop gambling, especially on qq288 websites.

Jared says that if you don’t know much about the cars then buy a Honda if you want to drive yourself and Toyota if the car is going to be chauffeur driven and you can never go wrong if you didn’t make the perfect decision.

Jared has studied the Pakistani car industry very well and he predicts that the 660cc category is going to be the next biggest thing in the arena of automobiles in Pakistan within next 5 years. Jared goes to the extent of saying that this extraordinarily success will force the European and American car manufacturers to create 660cc cars for the first time and like always, among all these automakers, Ford is going to be the first one to initiate the process.

Jared recently enjoyed a trip to Malta where he observed that the government of the Island of Malta and Gozo really needs to do something about their population density and high trafficked roads, like creating bridges, promoting skylines or some such thing or no progress is possible in that part of the world. Jared says that he will not be disappointed as much if his own country fails to progress as much as he will be when the Island of Malta and Gozo fails in making any progress because Malta is where Jared’s heart is after the Holy Land.

Emira multiples what she manages, she manages to multiply, she is busy betting whenever she is high


Emira Hong started her professional career as a sales account manager at a major retail chain. While still working at her first job, Emira created a travel booking adviser blog of her own which ran on affiliate commissions and it did so well that it gave the confidence to Emira to create her own cab service app. Emira’s cab service app did so well again that it gave Emira the confidence to buy a fleet of her own taxis and provide airport cab service within her own city. Emira’s cabs currently include sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs. Emira says that she is not stopping here and now plans to have cabs nationwide.

Emira is a sort of a conspiracy theorist and she uses her conspiracy theories to popularize her cab company. Emira owns and runs a couple of political conspiracy blogs which receive thousands of unique visitors everyday.

Emira claims that paid trolls are after Justin Trudeau just because he is not an Illuminati puppet and the Illuminati is all set to take control of the Canada which they believe that they can have only if they can get Justin Trudeau out of their way.

After Emira made this post, she received thousands of negative comments which including threats, verbal abuse and more.

Emira accuses the wife of the professional wrestler – Eddie Guerrero for his heart attack. Emira claims that Eddie was given overdose of a drug by Vickie so that she could continue her relationship with Kris Benson. Emira claims that Kris Benson and Vickie were regularly having sex and traveling around the world together since the year 2005 and they deliberately delayed their marriage to 2015 so that nobody doubts either of them.

When Emira is not creating apps, buying cabs or making a roadmap to expansion, she is busy betting on s128 which she loves and often wins thousands of dollars with.

San Jose tyre shop owner and aspiring inventor bought a brand new Infiniti Q50 with Lottery bucks


Bailey Odes is a student of phrenology who claims that people with slanted and sharp nose are very cunning and constitute a large number of sociopaths and psychopaths. Bailey has nothing to back her claim up other than the proven pseudoscience called phrenology.

Bailey owns a tyre shop on the San Pedro Street of San Jose. Owning and managing a tyre shop is something very unusual for a woman in the United States and that’s what makes most people wrongly believe that Bailey inherited the shop from her parents, grandparents or husband but in reality Bailey is extremely passionate about tyres which should be quite evident from the fact that she has been working on inventing steel, copper and rubber mixed tyres that will provide the grip and driveability like a rubber tyre but won’t puncture.

Bailey has always believed that the car manufacturers under-focus on the development and innovation of new tyre technology and over-focus on gimmicks, exterior styling and interior design. Bailey blames a lot of gimmick focusing on the part of Hyundai and KIA. Bailey says that she remembers how cars were all about fun and utility back before Hyundai stepped into manufacturing cars. Bailey wishes that the Ford never helped Hyundai in making their first car.

Bailey claims that it is a paid propaganda by the silica industry giants that silica hardens a tyre and reduces its friction and hence more grip. Bailey claims that tyres with silica are the same as regular rubber tyres when it comes to braking. Bailey says that it is a false myth that the silica tyres are better for braking.

Last week, Bailey won a Daily 4 CA Lottery and the money was enough for her to buy herself a brand new Infiniti Q50.

Leading English office furniture manufacturer claims she can predict her win or lose after she eats Cherimoya


Dee Obrempong is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in England.

Dee loves the Cherimoya fruit more than almost anything, even more than her favorite FUN88 and FUN88 Alternatif. Dee claims that Cherimoya fruit gives her intuitive capabilities on the weekends and sometimes even on the days when she is not working.

Dee brags about her sexual relations with the Bollywood actor Salman Khan while he was there in England. She claims that Salman Khan suffers from seizures and to reduce the frequency of the same, he is on that keto diet and that’s the reason why he looks much younger than his age.

Dee has traveled a lot in the 33 years of her life. She says that no matter how many hotels come and go, the Hotel Rossiya Moscow will never lose its charm and magnificence followed by the Hotel Habana Riviera by Meyer Lansky.

About African continent, Dee says that the tallest land animal – Giraffe, the largest land animal – Elephant and the fastest land animal – Cheetah, all are found in the African continent and that speaks a lot about its magnificence.

Dee has studied a lot about the Indian politics and she claims that Anna Hazare is an Illuminati puppet who received 100 crore Indian Rupee for all the Jantar Mantar Drama that he created which was captured by the Indian media around the clock those days. Indian media turned an illiterate nincompoop Anna Hazare into a hero and the great Indian takeover by the Illuminati with face of Narendra Modi aka Chaiwala was done. Dee believes that India is run by the USA and its allies since the day Narendra Modi took the oath of Prime Minister of India.

Sr Consultant at Tech Firm is obsessed with peace among all nations and Togel Hongkong


Linda Copis is a Presales Senior Consultant at a Tech Firm with a passion for automobiles and blogging. Linda has some really interesting ideas to share about almost everything. Linda claims that highly spiritual people are not loners by nature but they are not likely to make friends with people inferior or incompatible with them spiritually and that’s the reason why they mostly hang around alone.

Linda claims that the presidential elections of Russia in the year 2000 were completely rigged. Linda says that Vladimir Putin was hated a lot in the year 2000 by the Russians and she has several points to prove it.

Linda has done an extensive research on the rising tension between the countries of the Indian subcontinent and Linda claims that the root cause of this tension is the belief of the Pakistan army that Ghazwa-e-Hind will really take place and the only victors will be the Muslims. Linda says that many of the Muftis and Molvis that have a reputation claim that there is no such thing mentioned as Ghazwa-e-Hind in any of the Hadiths and it is a western propaganda to create tension and sometimes wars in the 2 nuclear powers of the subcontinent in order to keep them weak and sell them their ridiculously expensive weapons.

Linda believes that the tension between India and Pakistan will only rise if the people of the 2 nations keep believing in their biased and conflicting religions. Linda says that she is hopeful that the upcoming generations of both the countries will be smart, knowledgeable, sensible and educated enough to raise a finger on their own armies, governments and the concept of Ghazwa-e-Hind and hatred between the people belonging to the two religions.

Linda claims that the best ideas arise in her mind when she is sipping her favorite mocktail while betting on her favorite data togel hongkong.

Auto Blogger has been running away from the mirror but closer to the Bingo sites


Sasha Ferraro is an auto blogger with a passion for online betting. Along with the list of all the cars ever manufactured on the globe, Sasha has a list of bingo sites that accept PayPal.

Sasha used to see herself in the mirror all the time when she was a young stunner but now when she is old but still decent looking she runs away the moment she sees a mirror near to herself, such is the power of youth and the curse of old age.

Sasha claims that Nissan cars are still as reliable as they used to be when the company was called Datsun, it is a conspiracy against the brand by the other manufacturers combined to take the brand down. Sasha claims that many of her friends that own Nissan cars have reported that the newer Nissans are even more reliable than their older counterparts and they are not able to comprehend why there is so much negative talk against the brand everywhere – from TopGear to Scotty Kilmer to Mat Watson, everybody is talking agains the Nissan. Unfortunately, Sasha’s most friends do not read her blog and they don’t listen to Sasha when it comes to cars which is a shame.

Sasha has also been involved in trolling the paid Volvo trolls everywhere. Sasha claims that the Volvo’s quality never went down as bad as in the present moment and as she was tired of seeing abusive negative comments against her whenever she wrote something negative against the modern Volvo cars, Sasha decided to roll the dice and she went all out to troll the trolls instead. Now all the paid Volvo trolls run away the moment they see Sasha online.

She rants all the time against gardening but loves betting


Joselyne Tanner used to work as a gardener which she really hated. Joselyne says that anybody who ever tells you that gardening is fun has either never tried the same or is very new to it.

Joselyne asks that why if gardening is so much fun then several tech companies have been trying their best to make it fully automatic and robot-friendly. Joselyne claims that over 200 different companies have been trying their best to invent perfect lawn robots which will cost a lot of money to the consumer.

Joselyne claims that being around Dandelion plants gives her nausea. She also says that she cannot understand why some people find Stinging Nettle beautiful, Joselyne even doubts that they perhaps pretend that they do.

Joselyne says that if you want your house to look ugly, plant some eastern trees in it.

Joselyne believes that black magic can make plants and trees grow faster. Joselyne’s husband agrees with it but he believes that the plants that grow up with the help of black magic attract ghosts and negative energies which in turn bring about bad luck and destruction.

Joselyne claims to have met a black magic expert in Bengal, India who told her that any house, office or building that has Fall-Planted Bulbs around cannot be touched with black magic and many times even harms the magician.

The only plants that Joselyne loves are the ones that resemble neon colors. She even has those outside her house, all placed next to the opposite color of their own, giving a contrasting shade which really looks stunning. Many of these plants were bought by Joselyne after she won bets with Truvabet.

Non-Profit Organization founder enjoys a good old bet now and then


Bessie Joplin used to be a Community Coordinator at a major Non-Profit Organization until she founded a Non-Profit Organization of her own.

Being involved in the welfare of the people, Bessie is very much interested in the past, present and future of the backward countries. Bessie claims that the African country – Eritrea will be divided into two parts in the near future – Christian Eritrea and Muslim Eritrea. Bessie believes that there will be so much violence and riots between the Christian and Muslim community of Eritrea which will result in so much hatred that no Christian will be allowed to live in the Muslim Eritrea and no Muslim will be allowed to live in the Christian Eritrea, no matter what.

Bessie herself lived in Eritrea for a while where she fell in love with the Eritrean coffee. Bessie believes that Eritrean coffee is highly underrated because of several reasons, one being that it comes from a poor country and that poor country is located in a remote location of the African continent.

Bessie knows some fraud non-profit organization owners that take away all the money for their personal use. Bessie claims that one non-profit organization founder that she knows is so rich that he drinks nothing but milk imported from Denmark.

Bessie is a daughter of a columnist and she is not ashamed to admit the fact that her father is the most boring person that she has ever met. He never fails to bore his kids with useless and purposeless historical stories and stuff but Bessie and his other kids love him nonetheless.

Bessie runs a non-profit organization but that doesn’t mean that she has forgotten to enjoy her life. Bessie enjoys a good online bet now and then through a trusted gambling agent (Agen Judi Bola)

Indian heiress loves to expose conspiracy theories, her body and betting on online gambling websites


Prerna Bhonsle is a wealthy businesswoman from India who recently inherited a factory from her father that is involved in manufacturing water tanks.

Prerna is very much against the growing nationalism in India which Prerna believes has no basis and is against the very thing that ‘Bharat’ stands for. Prerna is very much against the concept of religion and countries. Prerna believes that all the countries across the world are just one nation. Prerna says that she has been working to create an organization that will fight against the concept of countries and demand to make the planet earth – one nation.

Prerna claims that the convicted terrorist Sadhvi Pragya fighting the Indian general elections is a voluntary step by the government of India, the party in power – BJP and the Illuminati to raise up the flames of the growing saffron terrorism.

Prerna claims that the Indian general elections of the year 2019 are fixed and the Illuminati wants the opponent of Sadhvi Pragya – Digvijay Singh to lose where on the other hand it wants Sadhvi Pragya to win. Prerna claims that this fight will serve number of purposes to the Illuminati, the real power that controls India and most of the world. Prerna claims that Sadhvi Pragya Thakur winning the elections will bring about a new sort of enthusiasm against the Right-Wing Hindus and encourage them to commit violent terror activities in the near future and on the other hand, they will have their revenge on Digvijay Singh for exposing the alliance between the largest Indian Right-Wing Organization – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Illuminati. Digvijay Singh in the past has inaugurated several books that claimed Mumbai’s infamous 26/11 terror attacks were an inside job that took place on the orders of the Illuminati.

When Prerna is not busy working, volunteering or exposing conspiracies, she can be found betting on Bexbet.

Auto-Blogger and Gambling Enthusiast claims Togel Hongkong can get you out of clinical depression


Maria Carlisle is an auto-blogger and gambling enthusiast who has been blogging for the past 7 years and gambling online for the past 8 years. Maria has some pretty interesting things to say about both gambling and automobiles. Maria claims that winning bets regularly can get most clinical depression sufferers out of their depression forever. Maria claims that a serial entrepreneur friend of hers got hit by clinical depression really hard but after Maria recommended her togel hongkong and by god’s grace this friend of Maria kept winning bets upon bets on togel hongkong, she came out of her clinical depression and has not had one hour of clinical depression ever since.

About cars, Maria says that contrary to the popular belief, the quality of the Jaguars and Land Rovers have really gone up since the Indian auto-maker TATA took over JLR. Maria says that never ever before there were too many Jaguars or Land Rovers to choose from as they are now and all those talking against the new JLR are the agents of the German companies.

Maria believes that MINI cars drive far better than any BMW any day and they are as reliable as BMWs as well. Maria claims the belief that a BMW is superior to a MINI in terms of reliability and driveability is a myth and one who says so knows nothing about cars.

Maria claims that interiors of a car appeal more to women and exterior to men. Maria says that Hyundai is more appealing to the women and KIA to men.

Maria advises that instead of buying an Automatic Transmission Car, buy one with the best-in-class Manual Transmission.

Bella Simpson loves history, philosophy and betting


Bella Simpson is a payments manager at a major online marketplace. Bella says that she cannot ever get enough of the crab meat and she jokes that’s the reason why she has been dating this guy with a crab like face.

Bella loves to read philosophy and she claims that the philosophy produced in the ancient Mainland China was the beautiful and practical philosophy ever created about life and its different aspects.

Bella believes that the Greek philosophy and economic prosperity cannot go together as the Greek philosophy is extremely confusing. Some Greek philosophers are overly cynical, some are life-negative, some see no point in life.

Bella claims that she has done an extensive study on the ancient Persia and India. She claims that some prehistoric philosophers from the neighboring Persia were the first to advocate against eating meat in India. The Indians or Bharatiyas as they used to be called during that time, used to eat meat all the time and were more carnivores than herbivores. Bella claims that these Persian philosophers cum social workers were killed thereafter in India and the news of their death reached Persia soon after. India used to be a superpower back in that day and Persia was nothing compared to the India of that day, the King of Persia got so scared that he made it punishable for anyone who preached against eating meat. The rule continued for at least next 11 generations of the Kings until the Indian kings started fighting each other and the Persia simultaneously expanded.

Bella’s favorite pastime is placing bets on GCLUB2 and it is hilarious how she comes up as winner most of the times.