This chef cum restaurant owner loves Bitcoin Gambling as much as she hates the overrated Durian Whisky


Carmel Bautista is a female chef from Iloilo city who is also the founder and owner of a restaurant where she cooks for at least 2 hours a day.

Carmel has a very interesting blog on the official website of her restaurant where she keeps posting interesting stuff. Carmel writes that the basement prowlers that live with their parents, especially with their single mothers are generally good chefs.

Carmel believes that Gordon Ramsay is the most overrated chef ever and his marketing skills are extremely underrated. Carmel says that she wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gordon Ramsay was a full-time marketer and he was rated the best each year.

Carmel hates Durian Whisky as much as she loves Bitcoin Gambling Philippines. Carmel says no matter how much they pay the media to promote the Durian whisky, the customers are not gonna buy it.

Carmel was in the United Kingdom for three years and she is really impressed with the work of Unichef there.

Carmel claims that it is a fact that ‘Chicken a la King’ dish was really created by Delmanco’s chef Charles Ranhofer in the early 1880s and anybody who doesn’t agree is clearly biased.

Carmel says that it is a pity to see the companies that have nothing to do with the food, restaurant, dining, etc enter the restaurant industry and ruin the exclusivity, delicacies and many other things of the restaurant industry.

Carmel has been working on inventing some unique dishes with eggs as she believes that the dishes that can be created with the use of eggs is extremely low and they are not using a healthy ingredient like egg in thousands of productive nutritious and delicious ways that it can be.

Bandung’s event planner believes that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi was a great gambler of his times


Rudy Ramos is an event planner from the city of Bandung in Indonesia who says that event planning isn’t only about great photography, videography, music and styling, she believes that it is way beyond that.

Rudy says that the best feeling her in the entire day is reading a review by a client the next day of the event showing gratitude and appreciation.

Rudy is a big fan of Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi – the Persian polymath, physician, alchemist, philosopher and astronomer. She recently completed writing a book on the life and death of Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi which she named ‘The greatest Persian to have ever been born – Mr Zakariya the Polymath’.

In her book, Rudy writes that if there were no Persians, the Islamic golden age had no chance. Rudy writes that there is no doubt that there were several great Arab mathematicians, physicians and others that were born during the Islamic golden age but they were no match to their Persian counterparts.

Rudy claims that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi believing in alchemy is the greatest proof that he was most likely an agnostic or pantheist rather than an atheist. Rudy has given many more examples in her book proving this point of hers and at one place she even doubts that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi could have been an apatheist as some of his writings make the reader think that he believed in a god but not the religion of Islam.

Rudy says that she has no doubt that Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi was the most underrated polymath of all times and she also believes that he loved to gamble although there is no mention of it anywhere in any of his writings. Rudy says that he would have known each and every Agen dominoQQ if he were alive today.

Indonesian blogger and author is proud of her online gambling addiction


Alexandra Häkkinen is an Indonesian author and blogger who has been writing a book on the life and death of the notorious mafia member – Carmine Galante.

In her book, Alexandra has written that Carmine inherited the criminal gene from his fisherman father who also happened to be a small time pickpocket. Alexandra claims that Carmine’s father never refrained Carmine from his criminal activities although there are varying arguments around this.

Alexandra claims that Carmine Galante didn’t kill the journalist Carlo Tresca on the orders of Benito Mussolini or as a favor for Benito Mussolini but rather because he was writing extensively against the mafia infiltration of the trade union movement.

On her blog, Alexandra claims that the Islamic conquest gave Portugal and Spain more than it stole from it. Alexandra claims that the Portuguese and Spanish used to be far inferior than any of their European counterparts but the Islamic conquest really put them on par with their other Western counterparts. Alexandra further says that the same can be said about the Portuguese conquest of Goa.

Alexandra has been to both Russia and most of the Middle Eastern countries and she says that the Russians may be popular for showing off their wealth but they look like a joke when compared to the Arabs.

Alexandra believes that the AIDS can spread through a mosquito bite and it is one of the greatest lies to have ever been told by the people of the medical field that it cannot. Alexandra says that if they do more unbiased studies, it will prove her claim.

Alexandra without any hesitation says that she has been addicted to online gambling for a while and she has a name of all the AgenQQ listed on her blog for reference.

Neurosurgeon recommends IBCBet to his patients to keep their brain healthy


Dr Agus Ibrahim is a neurosurgeon from the city of Medan in Indonesia. Dr Agus comes from a very humble background and perhaps that’s the reason why he has always been so generous with the common public of Indonesia and maintains a very nice looking blog where he posts interesting things at least once a week about neurology and brain health.

Dr Agus claims that the cases for hydrocephalus are far higher among the babies born to parents that are diabetic or alcoholic. Dr Agus says that every good parent should stop their drinking habit as soon as they make up their mind for the conception. He says that you must not care about the withdrawals or anything and if you cannot do that, you do not deserve to be a parent.

Dr Agus says that it is a pity that the modern patients give more importance to the friendliness of the clinic’s staff than the expertise of the surgeon. Dr Agus believes that the friendliness of the staff is very important but it is next to zero compared to the expertise of your surgeon.

Dr Agus practiced in Canada for a while as well and there he observed that spasticity seems to be more common among that Chiari Malformation is far more common among the ice workers than the others but unfortunately no neurosurgeon or union is taking an action to find out the cause for the same.

Dr Agus claims that spasticity seems to be more common among the Red Bull drinkers which makes the doubt in Dr Agus’ mind stronger that it contains Amphetamines as claimed by many others before.

Dr Agus claims that when you get a high dose of endorphins naturally like after completing a hard task, winning a lottery or bet, you do your brain a great justice and that’s the reason why Dr Agus recommends all his patients and blog visitors to bet register on IBCBet (Cara main Ibcbet).

Dermatologist claims there need to be studies done to check the positive health benefits of online gambling


Jacqueline Fuller is a dermatologist who has been practicing in the city of Depok for the past 17 years. Jacqueline is a very outspoken dermatologist and she doesn’t even fear the different Unions of Dermatology, be it in her own country or global.

Jacqueline has a very popular blog dedicated to dermatology where she writes blunt statements about everything she has observed and noticed while practicing for 17 years in the field of dermatology. Jacqueline claims that the different union of dermatologists have been hiding the actual number of dermatologists that have been victims of cancer patients in their lifetime. Jacqueline claims that she knows the real number but she won’t tell because she will start fearing for her life 24 by 7 then and it is also against her professionalism. When asked “Don’t you fear for your life right now?” She replied that she does but not as much.

Jacqueline says that she never used to believe the reviews in the Google Maps and other places by the patients that claimed that they faced racism by their dermatologist but Jacqueline started believing those after she met a racist dermatologist herself who was undiscriminating in her obsession with racism, she wasn’t only racist with her patients but also with the fellow dermatologists, lecturers and almost everybody of a different skin color that she came across.

Jacqueline says that the dermatologists need to stop to blame smoking and stress for all the skin related issues. Jacqueline tells all her rich patients to bet regularly online to improve their skin conditions and Jacqueline claims to have seen a lot of positive results with the same. Jacqueline says that they need to study the positive effects of gambling online (Judi Online) on different aspects of health but they won’t as it doesn’t make them any money.