Full-time blogger and gambler never knew that learning the Korean language will prove such a beneficial thing for himself


Antonio Ortega is a full-time blogger and gambler who claims that Prophet Muhammad used to communicate with Jesus Christ in his dreams but Jesus told Prophet Muhammad to keep it a secret. Antonio claims that Jesus is the real mentor to Prophet Muhammad and not the angel Gabriel.

Antonio believes that Italy is going to be the greatest nation on earth again. Antonio claims that the Italians are determined to bring back the Great Roman Empire glory. Antonio claims that people from other parts of the world are also going to join the Italians for the cause once they get it going.

Antonio is a hardcore denier of the great big bang and he claims that the Big Bang theory is nothing but an etiological myth, the reality of which will soon be revealed.

Antonio believes that good oratory skills still matter as much as they did 100 years ago, and perhaps, no robot will ever be able to replace those.

Antonio claims on his blog that full nudity will be a norm in the television and movies across the world and that is going to happen very soon enough. Antonio writes that the full nudity becoming common on the television and movies will burn the porn industry into ashes.

Antonio writes on his blog that ‘Living History – An Autobiography of Hillary Rodham Clinton’ by Simon & Schuster is the funniest book that he has ever read. He writes that the book is full of lies and made up stories. Antonio writes that it looks like they didn’t revise the book before publishing it.

Antonio is a great fan of Toto websites (토토사이트), especially the Korean ones. He cannot stop complimenting those on his blog. Antonio learnt the Korean language 5 years ago to learn and understand the Korean culture better.

Acarologist from Pekanbaru loves bolasport


Largo Vercetti is an Acarologist from Sicily, who has been living in Pekanbaru, Indonesia for the past 9 years now.

Largo has a very popular blog that is completely dedicated to the study of Acarology. On his blog, Largo writes that Bornaviridae family of viruses can be used to kill several diseases if the top physicians around the world do a great deal of research and experiment on the same.

Largo believes that the thorax of earwigs should be checked for as the treatment of osteoporosis by the physicians.

Largo also believes that the medicines made out of scale insects can cure different bone diseases including osteoporosis.

Largo claims that some ancient tribes used to drink the juice of different herbs mixed with the Green Lacewings insect’s body. Largo claims that it was used to cure the metabolism diseases during the ancient times by these tribes.

Largo says that she is working on finding those herbs that can be mixed with the dead body of Green Lacewings to make it safe and delicious.

Largo says that they should try to reproduce as many Hagloidea as possible as its body looks like it is of great usage to the medical field.

Largo says that today’s biologists, scientists and physicians lack the enthusiasm of their peers. If their peers had the knowledge that we have today, they would have done a lot better than their modern counterparts, comparatively.

Largo spends 2-3 hours a day with bolasport and looking at the way it has gone lately, it looks like it is going to be the same till the last day of her life.

Auto Journo has an uncle who believes that cars can run on sugarcane juice just like Sbobet runs on the internet


Sudeepa Singh is an Indonesian Auto-Blogger and Journalist of Indian origin who claims that Isuzu and MG (Morris Garages) are making a deal secretly without even telling the General Motors that will change both the companies forever.

Sudeepa claims that Chrysler, Fiat, General Motors and Subaru are going to go bankrupt sooner or later and Isuzu knows this and that’s the reason why it has made such a deal with MG secretly.

Sudeepa writes that Roy Evans, the man who bought the American Austin Car Company back in 1935 was planning to start a textile company instead, for which he would import textiles from India and sell those all over the USA. Sudeepa writes that to his bad luck, the American Austin Car Company went bankrupt and the rest is history.

Sudeepa writes that Nisssan and Isuzu are the prime examples of what inefficient planning can do to your great business with great products.

Sudeepa has an uncle who believes that sugarcane juice can be used as a fuel for the automobiles. This uncle of Sudeepa is very regular in the Sbobet scene and he knows perhaps each and every Agen Sbobet Casino.

Sudeepa claims that Toyota Century is the most favorite vehicle of the Pope but they won’t let him ride in one because it is a Japanese car. Sudeepa claims that there is a secret rumor that Maserati has been trying its hardest to convince the Pope to use one of their vehicles.

Sudeepa writes that the Adams Company could have been with us even now if they played their cards right and focused more on the customer satisfaction and improving their own cars than trying to destroy the Ford motors.

Conspiracy theorist from Denpasar doesn’t trust your website if it is not related to PokerQQ


Hidayat Hon is a conspiracy theorist from Denpasar, Indonesia who just made a trip to the nation called India and came back with a lot of conspiracy theories about the place.

Hidayat claims that the infamous and notorious USSR leader – Joseph Stalin had many secret plans to take over India but he died before putting any of those into action. Hidayat says that if USSR would have taken over India or a part of India, there is no way that the Hindus could have get it back because they don’t believe in Jihad and are overall a cowardly people. “Yes, they have their own concept of a little Jihad which they like to refer to as Dharmayuddha but it is a poor man’s jihad and nothing else”, Hidayat adds.

Hidayat claims to know several secret conspiracies that can destroy the myth of Nelson Mandela overnight.

Hidayat claims that he is not willing to believe at any cost that the economy of India is growing at any percentage since Narendra Modi took over. He claims that the case has been the same with Pakistan since Imran Khan took over.

Hidayat claims that the First Non-Congress Prime Minister of India – Atal Bihari Vajpayee could complete his 5 year tenure as the Prime Minister just because he was a KGB agent otherwise he had no chance. He says that he was only elected for that reason because he was a KGB agent.

When Hidayat was in India, he observed that the entire nation of India has been making fun of Pakistan since Pakistan declared Sugarcane Juice as its national drink.

Hidayat says that he doesn’t trust any websites other than those related to pokerqq.

If Rabindranath were alive today, he would have spent most of his time betting on Indonesian gambling websites


Nurul Haq is an author from Jakarta, Indonesia who recently completed writing a book on his most favorite Indian poets of all time – Rabindranath Tagore.

In his book, Nurul writes that those comparing Rabindranath Tagore with one of the founders of Pakistan and another great poet from the Indian subcontinent – Allama Iqbal and claiming that Allama was far superior to Rabindranath Tagore clearly don’t have an open mind and they have been reading the poetry through their religious point of view clearly. Nurul adds that Rabindranath is celebrated throughout the world, not Allama Iqbal.

Nurul writes that there is no doubt that Jyotirindranath Tagore, one of the elder brothers of Rabindranath Tagore was an impotent. And there is also no doubt about Rabindranath having an illicit affair with his wife. Nurul claims that the wife of Jyotirindranath fell so much in love with Rabindranath meanwhile that she committed suicide just after 4 months of Rabindranath’s marriage to Mrinalini Devi.

Nurul finds Rabindranath Tagore’s travelogues as fun as his poetry personally and believes that his travelogues are vastly underrated.

Nurul also writes in his book which I myself never heard before that very few people know that Rabindranath Tagore experimented with Astral Projection and Remote Viewing for over 4 years, only to confront failure each time.

Nurul writes that all accounts mention that Mrinalini Devi was 11 years old when her marriage to Rabindranath took place. Rabindranath was 22 then. Going by this, you may say that Rabindranath married a girl half his age.

Nurul has also written that if Rabindranath were alive today, he would have rejoiced Bandar Judi Bola Terpercaya a lot as he always wanted to understand and know the Indonesian history and culture better and he was also a gambling lover.

The richer this clothing store chain owner gets, the more Toto lover he becomes


Thomas Hancock started his career as a tailor in the city called Bangkok in Thailand but now he owns 15 clothing stores of his own all across the nation of Thailand.

Thomas loves to travel, specifically in backward and poor countries. Thomas recently came back from Sudan and as soon as he came back, he wrote on his blog that he sees no hope for the people of the nation called Sudan by its government and the only hope for them is that they start a revolution or leave their countries or become internet entrepreneurs.

In the beginning of this year, Thomas made a trip to India and while he was there, there was a lot of talk about the Indo-China war and it seemed like that both the countries are going to be at a war with each other very soon. Thomas decided to go into the depth of it and came out with a conspiracy theory that the bad relationships between India and China are just a drama and where publicly both the countries are pretending to go on a war with each other, internally they are planning to become one country – “Chindia”. Thomas claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is a fanatic Hindu who wants to rebuild the Akhanda Bharat, i.e. India with Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Cambodia in it which is not possible without the help of the Republic of China.

Thomas says that the richer he gets, the more Toto Website (토토사이트) lover he becomes and currently, he has been spending an average of 3 hours a day of his busy schedule doing nothing but gambling online.

Indonesian ISP really feels for legends like Tu Youyou and online gamblers like himself


Kersen Yusfi is an internet service provider in the island of Bali in Indonesia. Kersen started blogging about a couple of years ago and most of his blog posts are about the science and people that made the science so advance.

Kersen also loves gambling and nowadays, it is mostly online football gambling (JasaBola) for him.

Kersen’s most recent post was about one of his greatest Chinese female heroes of all time – Tu Youyou. Kersen writes that although Tu Youyou directly saved the lives of millions in South China, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, she also directly took away the lives of thousands of South Vietnamese army men by strengthening the Chinese army.

Kersen writes that Tu Youyou curing a disease like Malaria using medical science is the proof that the Chinese are well-aware of the fact that their Traditional Chinese Medicine is of no use. Kersen writes that the Chinese claim that they can cure every disease from the most dangerous of the STDs like Syphilis and AIDS to all sorts of cancers using their Traditional Chinese Medicine but they couldn’t even cure something petty like Malaria with the use of it, what a pity!

Kersen writes that the little Tu Youyou really hoped that some TCM doctor will be able to cure her tuberculosis infection using the so-called miraculous TCM herbs and methods but she met nothing but disappointment and hence her interest in the medical science grew and that was the moment when little Chinese patriot like Tu Youyou started doubting everything China-made as well.

Kersen believes that the mainstream media is biased towards scientific and medical legends like Tu Youyou that never feature such personalities. He really sees a hope in the future regarding this issue and believes that in the future, we will see more real life legends and less reel life legends on the television.

Anti-War campaigner, author and blogger believes that people who bet regularly are far more peaceful compared to their non-gambler counterparts


Vlada Fedorova is a Russian author and blogger who has been busy writing a book on the Chud people. Vlada claims that her book is going to describe who the Chuds aka Chudes live nowadays, how do they look, how to recognize one and what makes them distinct from most other people across the globe.

Vlada has released several excerpts from her book on her blog and looking at those excerpts, it really looks like that the book is going to be an interesting one.

Vlada has mentioned in the book that hundreds of thousands of Chud people still live in what is called the nation of Pakistan in the Indian subcontinent. Vlada says that the Pakistani Punjabis and Indian Punjabis use the term ‘Chude’ as a reference to a peculiar people that are inferior to most other Indian tribes in terms of the income, status and other factors. Vlada claims that the Chude people at a point of time, when they were complete foreigners to the Indian subcontinent, attacked the Indian subcontinent only to get killed or being enslaved as their number was too low compared to the people they attacked and since then, the people of the Indian subcontinent used to sell and buy them as slaves until the Muslims started attacking them in the 8th century and the Chudes of India having accepted the religion of Hinduism long ago, joined the Hindus to defend them.

Vlada claims that the Chude people living in India are infiltrated into several different Indian tribes including Bhil, Jatts, Gujjars and last but not the least, Rajputs.

Vlada is an Anti-War campaigner and she believes that the only way we can end wars is by betting regularly online and offline and that’s the reason why she has proreelemperor.ru written everywhere on her official blog.

Old veteran spends most of his time blogging or betting on New Zealand’s online casinos


Justin Quinn is a prolific and innovative entrepreneur who was born in the United States but has been living in New Zealand for a while now. Justin was also featured in the American show – Shark Tank.

Justin is a theater enthusiast and blogger as well who is popular for criticizing top names in the theater. Justin is a huge critic of the British theater director – Peter Hall, he believes that the obituary in The Times that declared him “the most important figure in British theater for half a century” is clearly exaggerated. Justin writes that Peter Hall was definitely important but not that important.

Justin claims that Peter Hall was a better fundraiser than a director and that’s the only reason for his success.

Justin claims that Peter Hall didn’t cast young unknown actors because he wanted to give them an opportunity but because they were willing to work for free or for the peanuts which the others won’t.

Justin believes that one of the reasons why Peter Hall grew up to be so extraordinary was that he was the only child of his parents who took care of him as much as they could and as good as they could.

Justin’s father served in the NATO army. Justin’s father was there in Bosnia throughout the Bosnian conflict aka the Bosnian war. The old man spends most of his time either blogging or betting on nzd online casinos nowadays. The old man claims that the mercenaries nowadays are more rugged than the army men. He also writes that the Japanese Jeeps are more popular in the army than ever before. He recently posted an article claiming that the daughters of the mercenaries that served the foreign army in Bosnia nowadays have been forceably turned into prostituted by the so-called Bosnian patriots.