This Cincinnati Ice Cream Parlour is popular for many things including the Calendar that it has on its walls


Zach Chapman owns a very popular ice cream parlour in Cincinnati, Ohio. Zach’s ice cream parlour has separate eating rooms for the homosexuals, heterosexuals, makes, females, kids, parents with kids, couples. Zach claims to have got the idea from a very plush ice cream parlour that he visited on his vacation to Switzerland.

Zach claims on his blog that he believes that the smell of an ice cream is as crucial as its taste and that’s the reason why his ice cream parlour serves nothing but freshest ice creams so that they could both taste and smell equally great.

Zach is extremely proud of the fact that his ice cream parlour is sponsored by one of the major cellular companies. Zach claims that the owner of the cellular company decided to become a sponsor after having a taste of Zach’s ice creams.

Zach claims to have the most well-behaved employees in the industry and also brags that he has never had a complain offline or online that any of the employees at his ice cream parlour behaved rudely with the customer.

Zach’s ice cream parlour is designed just like an ancient ghost mansion and the customers seem to love it more than anything else for the same. They also seem to love it for the unique 2019 Calendar that Zach has on the walls of ice cream parlour.

Zach has some homegrown buffalos to provide fresh milk for the ice creams that they make at his parlour.

Zach loves to maintain exclusivity and that’s the reason why his ice cream parlour has gone from selling nothing but only vegan ice creams at a time to selling nothing but Non-Vegetarian ice creams including the ones made using pork, chicken, lamb meat, etc several times. Currently, they serve both vegan and non-vegetarian ice creams because Zach has come to a conclusion that it is not possible to become profitable for his ice cream parlour maintaining that sort of an exclusivity. Zach loves to make jokes on himself regarding this fact that how confident he was each time while changing the theme of his ice cream parlour.

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