Russian woman inspired by Shark Tank opened her own big store


How many times have you heard about a Shark Tank idea being not so crazy? Most of the business ideas and products shown on Shark Tank are crazy enough to drive you crazy.

One such business was “Wee can shop”. Inspired by the business idea, a 33 year old Russian woman named Fekla started her own Russian version of “Wee can shop” in the heart of St Petersburg city. It took 70 million Russian Ruble to create this store. The store is still rented, soon Fekla plans to buy the land as well.

Until the age of 31, Fekla used to be a waitress at one of the finest restaurants in St Petersburg. Fekla is married and has 2 children as well – one son and a daughter. It is surprising how Fekla made so much money within these 2 years. No, Fekla didn’t win a lottery.

Looking at the financial condition of her house, Fekla decided that just waiting tables wasn’t enough for her. Fekla is blessed with godly stamina. She used to work 8 hours at the restaurant, came back, took care of the children and then did petty jobs online that she found herself.

Once while checking her command in the Indonesian language, by accident, she came across a bandar tembak ikan indonesia website. It was an angel’s voice that said to her “Fekla, go for it. You will be able to send your children to the best schools and colleges. You can buy the best cars and live in a lavish house. Just go for it, Fekla.”

Fekla listened to the voice and played Indonesian fishing town online for the first time in her life. Fekla turned her 5000 Russian Rubles into 22000 Russian Rubles in 3 hours only. The angel would talk to Fekla after every couple of days now and tell on which day to bet and on which day to not. Fekla would do as the angel’s voice told her to and she is now a millionaire.

Amateur Greek historian, self-help and biography writer made as much money with gambling as she did with her job


Chava Bialik says that commercial books are mostly scams. She says that the real helpful content is hidden in the free books and if people want to read something that can bring about some significant change to their lives, they must read only free books. She says that most authors of free books feel free to share their private lives and they don’t care at all if their private life is turning into a public one – this is one of the reasons why she thinks that free books are the best.

Chava claims that she has read more thoughts, patterns, self-help material, results and methods in free books than commercial books.

Chava says that rich and poor are meaningless words and pointless, since they are very static. According to Chava, “Getting richer mindset and getting poor mindset should be explained as two concepts, they are the only existent things in the subject, and the Rich, Poor words are fallacious meaningless judgement.”

Chava loves to create sketches in the free time, she does it all the time she can. Chava is a WGTOW, she is leaving marriage, relationships, men, boys, all behind.

Chava is a self-proclaimed expert at some topics and one of those topics is height. She also loves to read a lot about the Greek history, she says that she knows all the stores and principles of the ancient Greeks. She has written a biography of Elon Musk as well which is available on the internet for free.

Chava loves online gambling and she is always busy communicating with her agen bandarq. She has made almost as much money with gambling as she did working at her job.

Attention seeker, horse lover, Abrahamic religions basher loves Hongkong pools


Kesor Kunthea owns a chariot and goes on a ride on her Dutch Draft Horses chariot each weekend just for the attention. Kesor takes care of her horses like no other. She owns 6 Chestnut Stallions and 3 Arab horses as well. She is planning to buy a couple of Turkish horses as well.

According to Kesor, “Abrahamic religions are just a waste of time, you are not going to get anything out of studying the Abrahamic religions, they will only make your life a living hell and a very boring one. Study the history of ancient times and you will discover that the best of the ancient people were much more sexually perverse and treacherous than the common man of today’s time. Good and evil are just myths, instead of good and evil, we must divide things and activities into natural and unnatural. Moses was a liar, he never saw the god, he was just taking advantage of his exaggerated heroic image that was already built in the eyes of the Jewish people. Follow the ten commandments that Moses claimed he received from the Yahweh himself and watch your happiness being burnt into ashes.”

Kesor’s one and only brother – Philippe moved to Bhutan back in 2007 because he believes in polygamy. He is a husband of 2 twin sisters now and a father of 7 kids (4 sons and 3 daughters), he is really enjoying his life the way he wanted to.

According to Kesor Kunthea, White Christians run the world not the Jews. There is a Jewish-Christian alliance that exists but the number of White Christians and the power they posses is far greater than their Jewish counterparts.

Kesor’s most favorite book of all times is ‘Smooth Words’ by Carole R. Fontaine and her favorite part of the day is when she gets to spend her time on those pool websites and wait for her Hongkong prize.

Japanese woman claims to have never lost a bet on Vera John casino since the day she completed reading this guide


Mercedes Evans is a Japanese woman who recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent in January and February of this year. She had a thorough fun during the basant festival during her days in Pakistan.

Mercedes hated her time in India, “it is a place full of misery and miserable people”, she says about India.

Mercedes was very curious to join an Indian monastery and did join one in Haridwar with a great enthusiasm. The chief guru there couldn’t resist the temptation after looking at Mercedes and kept raping her for a whole week. When Mercedes would ask him anything, he replied back with “Never ask an enlightened Yogi a question. I am doing a therapy on you which will fight against all the major health hazards against you. I have cured hundreds of women with this therapy before.”

After Mercedes got successful in running away from there, she complained to the police which took no action at all. Mercedes googled his name and it turned out that this so-called yogi had lost millions of rupees with cricket betting and he was taking all the frustration out of Mercedes.

One of the Indian women that Mercedes came across had popped out 8 babies in a hope of getting a baby boy but all she was getting was baby girls. She was being persecuted by her in-laws and relatives for not being able to produce a son.

After coming back from India, Mercedes took an oath to never go back to India again and destroy their tourism business and expose India and Indians. Mercedes took out her frustration by betting online for days at a time on John Vera Casino. She recently completed reading ベラジョンカジノ徹底攻略・登録ガイド and hence there is no chance for her to ever lose a bet.

Ceramics supplier won 66666 USD with newest freebet and published a blog post about it


Mikey Ross is a conspiracy theorist who claims to have done an extensive research on the Medellin and other cartels hailing from Colombia and Mexico. Mikey claims that the most infamous drug lord of all time – Pablo Escobar used to export coffee not cocaine, he was wrongly accused of being the greatest cocaine smuggler as a part of a conspiracy created by the CIA, DEA along with the Colombian government officials. Mikey says that she highly doubts that the same happened with the other alleged cocaine smuggler Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha aka El Mexicano, who according to several Colombian conspiracy theorists and local people used to be a rubber exporter.

Mikey has lived in several different nations in his 32 years of life. Mikey says that the exporters of cocoa in Ghana, Brazil and Nigeria live their lives so lavishly that it sometimes appears like they are the richest people on earth.

Mikey also claims that several Northern European countries are doing silent barter trade with Bangladesh and India. The Northern European countries supply India and Bangladesh with Flax seeds and the India and Bangladesh provide the Northern European countries with Jute.

Mikey noticed that baseball is becoming very popular in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan which is a great thing as the game is a great form of physical exercise and unlike the cricket which is popular in the neighboring Indian subcontinent, not a game for the lousy lazy-asses.

Mikey doesn’t hesitate to admit that he had a crush on his own real older sister while growing up. Mikey’s sister was the one who taught him the art of pottery 19 years ago and here Mikey is today – a major ceramics supplier in the state of Kansas.

Mikey recently published on his blog that he won 66, 666 USD betting on a website and he couldn’t thank freebet terbaru enough for the same. Mikey claims that about 230 more people have started betting day and night on different Indonesian gambling websites after reading Mikey’s post.

Indian-American couple call themselves RR and own a RR as well


Robert Fernando is a Christian-Indian-American who recently went to the village he was born in Goa to revisit his childhood. There he met the beautiful Punjabi girl – Rachita that he grew up with and fell in love with her for the very first time. He never looked at her like that before, she also showed interest in him in order to become an American citizen even though she never liked him because Robert is really ugly. The couple got married in Goa and then came back together to Utah, United States.

Rachita is currently manager of one of the topmost Logan City, Utah’s international NGO. The NGO is very well run and a lot of the credit goes to Rachita for the same.

Robert owns a club in Nye County, Nevada where only VIPs and discerning gentlemen are allowed to visit. It is one of the top landmarks in the Nye County and rightfully so, Robert has managed it so well, it is just incredible.

Rachita and Robert or RR as they like to call themselves love to go together in their RR (Rolls Royce) or attend special events and dinners together ecstatically.

Last week when Rachita and Robert heard some loud thumps on the gate of their house, they thought that it were some home invaders but turned out that a kid about 11 year old had busted into their garage with his mother’s Land Rover Discovery. The kid chose the night time because his mother was asleep and he would never get her permission even in a dream to driver her car at the age of 11. Robert immediately called his mother and told what happened on the phone. She immediately came to Robert’s address and paid the repairs to Robert and apologized to him as well. Robert asked her to take a chill pill and play judi QQ with him and his wife, she politely said “No” and went back. Rachita was already awake when the incident took place, she was reading the latest post on

Fiat Automobiles winded up from India but Audrey Drucker couldn’t care less


Audrey Drucker cares more about what the random strangers on the streets, in the club, in the shopping malls like to see than what her husband  does. Audrey always wear clothes that show her cleavage and the round shape of her ass as much as possible.

Audrey is the daughter of the chief of a land-owning tribe. Audrey has many family members in the politics. It is a culture in South America where many Union Ministers are feudal warlords.

Audrey says that commonwealth games should be renamed as commonslave games as the commonwealth games are primarily played by the countries that were once a part of the British empire. Audrey says that she cannot even imagine how some nations can be so stupid to participate in such games. Audrey then says that no wonder if they weren’t so stupid, they couldn’t have become slaves so easily.

Audrey’s husband – Martin owns a ship repairing company in Bahrain. Audrey herself works at a Uranium company even though she can buy the company.

One of Audrey’s best friends is one of the biggest shareholders in the Fiat Motors company who has been tossing and turning trying to sleep since Fiat winded up from India. This friend of Audrey is an Administrative Executive for a local newspaper and looking at her position, Audrey believed that she was so smart but turned out that she wasn’t. Once this friend of Audrey posted naughty lingerie party pictures of a girl in her newspaper without her permission and got into a big trouble. It is amazing how after that she got out of that trouble and that made Audrey believe that she is one of the smartest women on earth but Audrey isn’t going to believe her anymore. Audrey has been reading different casino forums day and night, and placing bets on PokerClub88 for the past couple of weeks believing that it will soon make her a fortune just like it did to many others

Miss Nuntita owns 2 major manufacturing units, an auto-magazine and she owes it all to UFABet


Waan Nuntita worked as a Development Adviser at Ashley Kate HR & Finance for a long time until she found her own company. Waan is rich off UFAbet, it made her more money than all the other casino websites combined.

One of Waan’s companies manufactures and exports everything PVC including PVC Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes, PVC Plumbing Pipes, Agricultural PVC Pipes, Flexible PVC Pipes, PVC Garden Pipes, PVC Water Plumbing Pipes, PVC High Pressure Pipes, PVC Hose Pipes, PVC SWR Pipes, PVC Corrugated Pipes, PVC Water Pipes, PVC Flexible Pipes. Another company of Waan is involved in manufacturing LD Tarpaulin and LDPE Sheets.

Waan is also the CEO and founder of a monthly automobile magazine. Waan is very critical of the trucking company owners and truck-makers, especially Scania, Hino, Iveco and Volvo. Waan says that these four companies don’t care about the comfort and luxury of the truck drivers at all. Waan has written in several times that no matter how much these four companies claim that their trucks are driver-friendly with large sleeper berths, they are always wrong. Their entire focus is on the loading capacity of the truck and they make trucks in a way that makes the faith of even the most patient person disappear from the humanity.

Waan claims that the General Motors is going to lose money on each car that they sell in the future as well and this is the time when all the major and minor shareholders of the company should sell their shares before the company goes defunct.

Waan is amazed at how SUV-friendly India and Brazil have gone in the past couple of years. Waan says that one of the ways any rookie car-maker can ensure profitability is by creating a Pseudo or Real-SUV and launch it in India and Brazil and finally count the profits generated.

Coffee lover got the idea to make a fortune with Playing Baccarat while sipping coffee


Candy Klose is a coffee lover who never gets tired of repeating that a chemically produced caffeine is no match to the real and natural sip of coffee.

Candy’s husband is a cable operator whose company guarantees uninterrupted transmission service or money back.  Candy herself used to be a travel agent who turned into a cafe chain owner within the past few months. Candy always wanted to start a coffee shop of her but becoming a cafe chain owner was nothing less than a dream come true for her, thanks to เกมบาคาร่า and different gambling blogs.

Candy is a think-tank who needs one or another topic to think about, Candy wonders why older people have more foot ulcers and why nail conditions and dry skin go together.

Candy’s sister – Koko is a small toy company owner whose target market is mainly kids between 3-6 years old. Koko is a believer in god with her own bizarre ideas about the creation and other similar stuff, Koko claims that it took the god 2 entire weeks to design the landscape of the earth. Koko says that moon is the daughter of the planet Sun and Jupiter. Koko has an unbelievably colorful past as she even worked as a nude model for a while and she loved it but after giving birth to 4 kids, her body is not apt for nude modeling but she has been trying hard to get back into her beloved profession.

Koko says that she wishes if she could go back to the Syria and locate the four kids that started the Syrian crisis. Koko says that the leader of those kids is really her hero and she wishes if every kid could be that brave.

Friendly, sophisticated and captivating Lori bought a 5 star hotel room


Lori Bentzion has a friendly, sophisticated and captivating personality. Lori has a sensual body that you will be dreaming about for a long time with a dynamic sense of humor. Lori loves to take an ice cold shower everyday of the year. She recently bought a room in a 5 star hotel with the money she won playing ItuQQ.

Lori has a friend named Barbara who is the owner of a very nice and fun personality. Barbara is young, pretty and extremely liberal. She never forgets a cup of coffee with the breakfast. Barbara loves her showers hot and steamy.

Barbara got married about 5 years ago and during the first couple of years of her marriage, the couple used to make love each night and the whole night used not be enough for each other. Barbara and her husband are both doctors, it is nothing less than a miracle that neither ever got late for an appointment.

Barbara and her husband’s clinics provide an amazingly fun atmosphere rather than boring. Each consultation with Barbara is truly memorable due to her lovely accent.

A common friend of Barbara and Lori whose name is Kira hates emotionally manipulative people. Kira is a very gentle and affectionate person who loves to have a good and relaxing time.

Kira owns a lingerie and stockings store in a popular market that stands out in the market. Kira is an eroticism enthusiast in the word’s truest sense. Kira is a former dancer with a heavenly body who is always in a funny mood. It is always a pleasure to have a conversation with her.

Kira doesn’t like vacations but rather researches the profitability of different businesses and reads history during the holidays.

Ghostwriter that claims to be a relative of Tony Blair just bought a bungalow


Aviva Archambault is one of the most prolific ghostwriters you have ever seen. She just bought a bungalow in a nice upper middle class neighborhood with the money that she made with ghostwriting hip hop and pop songs.

Aviva claims that she is related to Tony Blair (Former British Prime Minister).

Aviva cannot forget when she used to work for a major British company and she had to attend a press conference for the very first time in her life. Aviva is very reserved and introvert with very few friends like herself and sitting among so many strangers (mostly of the opposite gender) who were all in higher positions than herself, she felt so nervous and anxious that she hasn’t been able to forget it yet. She still blushes thinking about the embarrassment that she faced while expressing her ideas in the press conference, she started stuttering due to nervousness for the very first time.

 My personal opinion about Aviva Archambault’s press conference is that she hasn’t learned anything from Tony Blair who was a wonderful speaker. The guy could convince the strictest guy to vote for him.

Aviva also cannot forget when she once failed the school examinations once, she got bombarded by questions from her parents. They couldn’t wonder why she failed the examinations when she didn’t waste any time talking to the friends, she doesn’t watch much television and they didn’t have an internet connection yet. In reality, Aviva was always dreaming about a guy that she had a crush on in her school. He was one year senior to her and out of her league.

Anyways, Aviva loves to learn new languages and she has successfully learnt Italian and Esperanto. She has been now learning Thai for a while and she does it with a touch of entertainment – she is a frequent reader of blogs like and lover of gambling on Thai websites.

Bought a Jaguar F-Pace with football gambling’s help but now plans to sell it and buy an Infiniti SUV instead


Sergey Watson cannot thank Agen Bola enough as he recently won enough money with its help to buy herself a penthouse and her favorite Jaguar F-Pace. Sergey bought Jaguar F-Pace for its looks but he is now hating his decision, Sergey says that buying a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Lamborghini is a stupid idea. Sergey didn’t do any research before buying the vehicle but after only 2 months of the purchase when his SUV started giving him nightmares, he did a lot of it and came to the conclusion that buying European cars is a stupid idea and there are plenty of reasons why the Japanese cars sell so much. Sergey has put his Jaguar F-Pace on sale and he says that he will buy a Infiniti QX60 after his Jaguar F-Pace gets sold.

One of Sergey’s half-brother is a Vietnamese who has been living in Vietnam for the past 12 years. This brother of Sergey has been working on building a website inspired by China’s AliBaba. He says that although his website is going to be inspired by AliBaba, it will be much more advanced than the AliBaba and will help the Vietnamese economy boost a lot. He is a real nationalist and dreams of seeing the Vietnamese economy greater than the American and European economy combined one day. Although Sergey knows that his dreams will never come true, he really respects his half-brother’s nationalism.

Sergey’s wife – Reshma is the owner of a bakery popular for its unique flavors. Reshma is also a blogger and she received a lot of negative comments when she made a post saying that Jay Leno may be intelligent but he always fails to make herself and her friends laugh.

Reshma also received a lot of criticism when she wrote that all the founding fathers of Pakistan were British agents including Allama Iqbal, Maulana Maududi, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Reshma says that these men being British agents is quite evident from the fact that they all devised the plan to create a separate nation for the Indian Muslims when they were in England. It is quite obvious that they were reading from the script that the British officials gave them.

SEO firm owner made millions with betting and now wants to start her own hotel chain


Shauna Tennant is a SEO firm owner who personally learnt how to create backlinks from one of the most popular Youtubers on the subject – Lazy Ass Stoner. Shauna says that Lazy Ass Stoner is a really nice and fun guy.

Shauna say that one of the things that surprised her the most while working as an Internet Marketeer the businesses that sell expensive products spend much lesser time, effort and money on the Internet Marketing than the ones that sell regular and cheap products and services.

Shauna decided to become an SEO expert herself when her Cryptocurrency compay that she found couldn’t do well due to the lack of Internet Marketing.

Shauna believes that the success in the modern day and age is a scientific process and anybody can make a fortune or become financially independent if they figure out exactly what is neded ob done or in other words, if they play their cards right. Shauna’s financial success story too has a lot to do with the cards, Shauna made millions with finding the right bookmaker reviews and she says that it is one of the best ways to get rich quick in today’s competitive and stressful world.

Shauna has been thinking about starting her own boutique hotel chain with her newfoud wealth but she fears ranking her hotels on the top of the search engines as ranking hotels of the big cities on the top of the search engines is a herculean task.

Shauna says that she only uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to check which keywords are bringing in sales and then she starts focusing on working on those keywords. Shauna hates the fact that the Google Adwords search volume numbers are still way above than the real figures like they used to be in 2006.

Czech Republic’s first Sikh convert believes that online gambling will help him win enough money to start his own solar panel business


Andrew Gluzman sells biggest brands at the best prices possible at her popular clothing stores located all over the state of Minnesota.

Andrew claims that the FBI agents have very high living standards and 95% of them are multi-millionaires having offshore accounts, properties and businesses. He says that he was told this by a friend of her whose dad is living a lavish life in the Switzerland with the money that he made as a FBI agent. Andrew says that he will be a multimillionaire too with the help of a good sport predictor one day.

Andrew’s best friend Brian is a Czech gentleman who recently converted to the Sikhism after getting fascinated with the teachings of the ten Sikh gurus and their martial adventures. Brian has a turban of almost every color available. Brian is perhaps the only Czech who converted to the Sikhism, at least he is the only one that I personally know.

Brian’s great-grandparents hid in the wildlife sanctuaries during the World War 2. Brian says that they wouldn’t have done so if they were born or raised Sikh. Brian believes that the guns should be more stylish so that they sell more. By profession, Brian is a farming expert who advertises his services everywhere free on the internet including Craigslist, Backpage and other similar websites.

Brian wants to start a solar panel business but the business requires heavy initial investment which Brian also believes that he can win with betting online smartly.

Andrew lived in Mexico for quite a while and he says that half of the Mexico believes in the left-hand path aka tantra. Andrew also got to live in different African countries for a while. About Africa, Andrew says that the people of African countries give importance to the philosophy over science and logic.

Used to eat at the langars, is now a millionaire in Indian currency


Kashish Wadhwani thinks and acts like everyone else is a weirdo. She is one of the very few people living in New Delhi, India that adheres to the traffic rules and laws. She has a strange belief that people of Indian, African and Aboriginal origins are sub-humans. Her favorite author and opinion-maker is an infamous Pakistani named Hassan Nisar. Hassan Nisar is a favorite of millions of Indians.

I don’t know if you are aware of this fact that pregnancy ultrasound scans are illegal in India due to an unbelievable percentage of female infanticide that used to happen when it was legal. Kashish claims that many radiologists still perform pregnancy ultrasound scans hiding behind the curtains and they even provide abortion service after that. This is another thing that makes Kashish hate India even more.

One of Kashish’s cousins who was one of the dumbest students in school got married to her college sweetheart who became an alcoholic after her marriage to him due to her nagging behavior which he never noticed before their marriage, all thanks to the takeover of his hormones over his intelligence. Kashish’s hormones also took over her intelligence when she was in her 20s but she preferred to work as a North Goa escort rather then.

One of Kashish’s profound belief is that the people of ancient India were wiser, more intelligent and better in almost every critical aspect. This is what Kashish wrote on a forum – “The modern urban Indians are wannabe Americans and the modern rural Indians are wannabe urban Indians and that’s what is making them dumber each day. You need to be original to achieve your full potential which very rare Indians are.”

Another cousin of Kashish used to eat food at the ‘langars’ in Gurudwaras until Kashish gave her some money to bet online and change her luck which she did. She kept betting on FIFA55 games and the money multiplied. All thanks to fix it center where Kashish discovered about FIFA55 and how it turned so many into multi-millionaires.