SEO firm owner made millions with betting and now wants to start her own hotel chain


Shauna Tennant is a SEO firm owner who personally learnt how to create backlinks from one of the most popular Youtubers on the subject – Lazy Ass Stoner. Shauna says that Lazy Ass Stoner is a really nice and fun guy.

Shauna say that one of the things that surprised her the most while working as an Internet Marketeer the businesses that sell expensive products spend much lesser time, effort and money on the Internet Marketing than the ones that sell regular and cheap products and services.

Shauna decided to become an SEO expert herself when her Cryptocurrency compay that she found couldn’t do well due to the lack of Internet Marketing.

Shauna believes that the success in the modern day and age is a scientific process and anybody can make a fortune or become financially independent if they figure out exactly what is neded ob done or in other words, if they play their cards right. Shauna’s financial success story too has a lot to do with the cards, Shauna made millions with finding the right bookmaker reviews and she says that it is one of the best ways to get rich quick in today’s competitive and stressful world.

Shauna has been thinking about starting her own boutique hotel chain with her newfoud wealth but she fears ranking her hotels on the top of the search engines as ranking hotels of the big cities on the top of the search engines is a herculean task.

Shauna says that she only uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to check which keywords are bringing in sales and then she starts focusing on working on those keywords. Shauna hates the fact that the Google Adwords search volume numbers are still way above than the real figures like they used to be in 2006.

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