Miss Nuntita owns 2 major manufacturing units, an auto-magazine and she owes it all to UFABet


Waan Nuntita worked as a Development Adviser at Ashley Kate HR & Finance for a long time until she found her own company. Waan is rich off UFAbet, it made her more money than all the other casino websites combined.

One of Waan’s companies manufactures and exports everything PVC including PVC Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes, PVC Plumbing Pipes, Agricultural PVC Pipes, Flexible PVC Pipes, PVC Garden Pipes, PVC Water Plumbing Pipes, PVC High Pressure Pipes, PVC Hose Pipes, PVC SWR Pipes, PVC Corrugated Pipes, PVC Water Pipes, PVC Flexible Pipes. Another company of Waan is involved in manufacturing LD Tarpaulin and LDPE Sheets.

Waan is also the CEO and founder of a monthly automobile magazine. Waan is very critical of the trucking company owners and truck-makers, especially Scania, Hino, Iveco and Volvo. Waan says that these four companies don’t care about the comfort and luxury of the truck drivers at all. Waan has written in several times that no matter how much these four companies claim that their trucks are driver-friendly with large sleeper berths, they are always wrong. Their entire focus is on the loading capacity of the truck and they make trucks in a way that makes the faith of even the most patient person disappear from the humanity.

Waan claims that the General Motors is going to lose money on each car that they sell in the future as well and this is the time when all the major and minor shareholders of the company should sell their shares before the company goes defunct.

Waan is amazed at how SUV-friendly India and Brazil have gone in the past couple of years. Waan says that one of the ways any rookie car-maker can ensure profitability is by creating a Pseudo or Real-SUV and launch it in India and Brazil and finally count the profits generated.

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