Ceramics supplier won 66666 USD with newest freebet and published a blog post about it


Mikey Ross is a conspiracy theorist who claims to have done an extensive research on the Medellin and other cartels hailing from Colombia and Mexico. Mikey claims that the most infamous drug lord of all time – Pablo Escobar used to export coffee not cocaine, he was wrongly accused of being the greatest cocaine smuggler as a part of a conspiracy created by the CIA, DEA along with the Colombian government officials. Mikey says that she highly doubts that the same happened with the other alleged cocaine smuggler Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha aka El Mexicano, who according to several Colombian conspiracy theorists and local people used to be a rubber exporter.

Mikey has lived in several different nations in his 32 years of life. Mikey says that the exporters of cocoa in Ghana, Brazil and Nigeria live their lives so lavishly that it sometimes appears like they are the richest people on earth.

Mikey also claims that several Northern European countries are doing silent barter trade with Bangladesh and India. The Northern European countries supply India and Bangladesh with Flax seeds and the India and Bangladesh provide the Northern European countries with Jute.

Mikey noticed that baseball is becoming very popular in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan which is a great thing as the game is a great form of physical exercise and unlike the cricket which is popular in the neighboring Indian subcontinent, not a game for the lousy lazy-asses.

Mikey doesn’t hesitate to admit that he had a crush on his own real older sister while growing up. Mikey’s sister was the one who taught him the art of pottery 19 years ago and here Mikey is today – a major ceramics supplier in the state of Kansas.

Mikey recently published on his blog that he won 66, 666 USD betting on a website and he couldn’t thank freebet terbaru enough for the same. Mikey claims that about 230 more people have started betting day and night on different Indonesian gambling websites after reading Mikey’s post.

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