Used to sell undergarments in her minivan but now she owns buildings


Chava Bellamy travels to Punjab, India each Gurupurab to see cavalry stunters. Chava says that it is one of the most underrated sights on earth and the only reason it is overlooked is because it happens in a state which is overlooked and hated by the Indian government itself.

Chava is a political analyst who claims that the world will soon realize that the cold and proxy war between Russia and USA is fake and staged. Chava accuses the Russian democracy being a puppet of the European-American aka Judeo-Christian alliance. Anybody who disagrees with Chava, Chava asks him/her to go through the video where Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton are laughing like crazy together to confirm the truth.

There was a time when Chava used to sell undergarments in her minivan because she couldn’t afford a store but today Chava owns a company that manufactures wooden clocks and wristwatches and a company that wholesales construction machinery spare parts. Chava’s life completely changed when a friend told her that people are making fortune with online betting if done carefully, she also told Chava about to learn some tips and tricks regarding online poker, especially pokerclub88.

Chava has a thing for the cars as well and she does an extensive research on cars, their manufacturers and the future intentions of these car companies. Chava claims that Hyundai wants to enter the steel furniture business in the near future and one of the most famous Indian IT companies – HCL is going to make diesel engines by the end of 2022. Chava also says that Fiat and Dell are working on a secret project together to make laptops.

While one side of Chava is a car enthusiast, the other side of her is a huge critic of the car companies, Chava says that the Bentleys are expensive Volkswagens, Rolls Royce are expensive BMWs and Maseratis are nothing but expensive and unreliable Fiats.

Amateur historian obsessed with Roman empire found his new obsession in Fun88 betting


Winfred Chaput is an amateur historian who claims that the Celtic civilizations had kitchens so utilitarian that these could give the modern kitchens a run for its money. Winfred’s obsession with the history can be learnt from the fact that his one and only mansion has Byzantine styled doors all over with the Great Roman empire written on those in the Latin and Greek language.

Winfred has been obsessed with the acupuncture and herbal Chinese medicine as well for a while now.

Winfred recently bought a factory that produces acrylic products and whose specialization is extruded acrylic sheets. In the January of this year, Winfred won 1.2 million US Dollars with FIFA55 betting and that’s when he decided to buy this company as he already had everything else and he considers putting the money into his bank account or buying a car to be useless. Winfred has been marketing his factory hard with the help of Turkish SEO agencies as he believes that Turkish SEO agencies and Turkish typists are both very fast.

Winfred got to know about fun88 ทางเข้า through a blog that he came across while self-learning Thai language on the internet.

Winfred is not a Muslim but he feels for the Muslims that are getting killed over the global politics nowadays. Winfred believes that Aung San Suu Kyi acts like she is a dedicated and devoted Theravada Buddhist for her politics but in reality she is an atheist who hates Muslims. Winfred has read all the Islamic Hadiths and he says that a great war by the Mekong river is mentioned in one of the Hadiths.

Winfred applauds the Islamic countries on their ban of the pornography as Winfred believes that the youth with access and/or addiction to pornography is not an asset but a liability. Winfred says that the masturbation combined with pornography acts as a drug to the brain and a virus to the body.

Third-generation gems and stones dealer from India loves those Indonesian slots


Chitra Bedi was really one of the big shots of her industry but is now at the bottom. Chitra owned one of the very few pizza restaurants in the capital of India – New Delhi. There were no Pizza hut or Domino’s back in the day anywhere in New Delhi.

Chitra says that she believes in working at her full potential but it doesn’t seem to be true looking at her business performance. She could have tackled those Domino’s and Pizza huts easily if she did her best which I don’t think she did.

Chitra speaks fluent Italian, English and Spanish. She constantly keeps upgrading her skills but I don’t think she applies them much.

Chitra’s husband – Chander never blames or complains about anything. He is a very successful businessman dealing in gems and stones. He is a wholesaler of gems and stones, it is a business that he inherited from his father and his father from his father.

Chitra and Chander claim that uniting with your spouse in Kamasutra positions is uniting with the almighty god himself. They hit the state of turiya each time they make love to each other.

Each night the sexual demon takes over Chitra and she cannot control himself. She has a string of toys for the days when Chander is not around.

Chitra and Chander claim that Shiva was the first man in the history of the earth to practice successful tantric sex and that’s where he got the name Ekalinga – the perfect union of a man and a woman.

Chander lived in Indonesia for 5 years and he speaks fluent Indonesian. He is an online gambling freak who has a record of winning more bets than losing. His current favorite is slot online terlengkap, which he discovered after reading a post on GIG.

John buys the top simulators and rarest beds with the money that he makes with online betting


John Connor is very argumentative when it comes to the discussion on the importance of partaking in contests. John claims that most contests are very destructive for both the winners and the losers, most of the times. John says that the winner along with getting overconfident, over-glorified many times gets indulged in activities like drug and alcohol addiction, womanizing, etc and about the losers he says that the losers get obsessed with winning the next time, they get depressed, alcoholic, become drug addicts, etc.

John has been running an online gaming website and a baby store after he became defunct after his small gold jewelry store got robbed and the insurance company refused to pay calling it a conspiracy, but John recently discovered something which he calls a goldmine aka freebet tanpa deposit terbaru.

John has always been obsessed with forests and he says that he feels at home in oak and chestnut forests which he frequents regularly.

John enjoyed a trip to Yemen about a couple of years ago and fell in love with the unique beds which they make in a popular seaport city called Al Mukalla in Yemen. Since then, John has been ordering his own, his family’s and his friend’s beds from there. John says that he has been planning to resell those beds in his country for a while and now when he has been earning appropriate funds with the help of online betting, I believe that he will start this venture ASAP. John says that this product is going to be an instant hit as soon as it is launched on eBay.

Just last week, John bought a used Force Dynamics 401cr through eBay for 80, 000 USD. John’s life has completely changed for the better since he found out about online betting.