Used to sell undergarments in her minivan but now she owns buildings


Chava Bellamy travels to Punjab, India each Gurupurab to see cavalry stunters. Chava says that it is one of the most underrated sights on earth and the only reason it is overlooked is because it happens in a state which is overlooked and hated by the Indian government itself.

Chava is a political analyst who claims that the world will soon realize that the cold and proxy war between Russia and USA is fake and staged. Chava accuses the Russian democracy being a puppet of the European-American aka Judeo-Christian alliance. Anybody who disagrees with Chava, Chava asks him/her to go through the video where Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton are laughing like crazy together to confirm the truth.

There was a time when Chava used to sell undergarments in her minivan because she couldn’t afford a store but today Chava owns a company that manufactures wooden clocks and wristwatches and a company that wholesales construction machinery spare parts. Chava’s life completely changed when a friend told her that people are making fortune with online betting if done carefully, she also told Chava about to learn some tips and tricks regarding online poker, especially pokerclub88.

Chava has a thing for the cars as well and she does an extensive research on cars, their manufacturers and the future intentions of these car companies. Chava claims that Hyundai wants to enter the steel furniture business in the near future and one of the most famous Indian IT companies – HCL is going to make diesel engines by the end of 2022. Chava also says that Fiat and Dell are working on a secret project together to make laptops.

While one side of Chava is a car enthusiast, the other side of her is a huge critic of the car companies, Chava says that the Bentleys are expensive Volkswagens, Rolls Royce are expensive BMWs and Maseratis are nothing but expensive and unreliable Fiats.

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