Luci Nemcova decided to buy a gamepad controller manufacturer with the AUD she won with bets


Luci Nemcova is an internet marketeer by profession who recently bought a company that manufactures gamepad controllers for Nintendo Switch with the Australian Dollars that she won with pengeluaran sidney.

Luci is an automobile enthusiast who has owned a Jaguar XJ, Suzuki Swift and Seat Ibiza in the past. Luci says that Jaguar is both unreliable and makes rattles after getting a bit old, about Suzuki Swift she says that it is a very reliable and peppy car but the interior quality is cheap and about Seat IBIZA she says that it is peppy but with very cheap interiors.

Luci was once planning to buy a Fiat after a while she learnt that all the guys and girls praising Fiat online are paid for doing so and there are several reasons why the buyers like to stay away from the Fiat.

Luci says that Mercedes is the only luxury car maker that she respects and she believes that Mercedes is the only real luxury car-maker rest are all followers of Mercedes.

Luci speaks French and English fluently, she has been learning Middle-Eastern languages including Persian to expand her business, for the joy of learning new languages, to watch fun TV programmes, news and comedy shows in these languages.

Luci says that Dacia is making sure that it doesn’t make any mistaker after getting launched in the US and that’s why they are delaying its launch in the US.

Luci currently drives a Cadillac CTS-V coupe.

Luci says that both her grandfather and her father died during Motorsport race but that was never enough to take away Luci’s enthusiasm from the cars. Luci says that the enthusiasm for cars is perhaps in her genes.

Luci believes that the Spanish automaker – SEAT is highly underrated.

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