Becia Dahra is a Masters in Philosophy and a lyricist who is completely dependent upon gambling money


Becia Dahra recently wrote a song which she claims will become a major hit, let me just put an excerpt from the song here:-

“Let’s keep balling, let’s keep calling,

Let’s keep falling, let’s keep rolling,

I never wanna leave you baby, even a thought of it just drives me crazy,

I just can’t imagine myself without you boy!

You have been busy, I have been uneasy”

I am not sure whether someone has written the same song or very similar song before because it sounds very familiar to me. Becia wrote this song after she couldn’t handle her excitement after winning 12000 USD with situs judi slot online terpercaya.

Becia studied in Rome, Italy, she saw more people there with HIV AIDS there as they seldom use any contraceptive methods including condoms or pills due to strict catholic teachings.

Becia claims that people with busy lifestyles are less likely to die with prostate cancer. Becia did a lot of research on prostate cancer after learning the fact that why some people get it more than the other ones and after doing years of research on this and she discovered that the longer you try to last in bed the more likely you are to get the prostate cancer.

Becia is a Masters in Philosophy and she claims that a lot of ancient Persian poetry and philosophy is wrongly attributed to the Greek poets and philosophers. Becia says that when so-called Alexander the Great invaded Persia, the forces of his destroyed a lot of Persian texts and stole tons of those and attributed the texts of theirs to themselves.

Becia claims that James Charles Stuart aka King James VI of Scotland was a sex addict who would ask for forgiveness from god after making out with any of her mistresses.

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